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1995 Cases with Industry Code "GE" GAS & ELECTRIC (8 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
95-0157-GE-CSSJAMES MILLER/DP&L02/09/199512/07/1995
95-0273-GE-AISCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC CO.03/10/199503/29/1995
95-0275-GE-AISCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY03/13/199505/04/1995
95-0358-GE-AISCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY04/07/199505/04/1995
95-0477-GE-CMTCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC CO.05/11/199506/22/2000
95-0551-GE-AISCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC CO.06/08/199507/20/1995
95-0631-GE-CSSWILLIAM BRADLEY/CG&E07/07/199511/02/1995
95-0948-GE-AISCINCINNATI GAS & ELECTRIC CO.10/16/199508/01/1996