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Cases with Industry Code "WS" WATER & SEWER,
Purpose Code "AIS" Application to issue stocks/securities,
and Status "AR" Archived (11 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
04-1261-WS-AISOHIO AMERICAN WATER COMPANY08/10/200404/14/2007
71-0465-WS-AISLAKE WAYNOKA UTILITIES INC ATED07/26/197108/11/1976
75-0499-WS-AISMAD RIVER UTILITY COMPANY07/03/197509/22/1975
88-0985-WS-AISWOODBRAN REALTY CORPORATION06/30/198808/02/1988
88-1984-WS-AISSALT FORK UTILITY COMPANY12/29/198801/31/1989
89-0648-WS-AISOHIO SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY04/26/198905/09/1989
91-1501-WS-AISOHIO SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY08/12/199109/12/1991
91-1594-WS-AISOHIO SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY08/28/199110/17/1991
92-0925-WS-AISOHIO SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY05/20/199207/09/1992
92-1199-WS-AISOHIO SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY07/08/199207/23/1992