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Cases with Industry Code "WS" WATER & SEWER,
Purpose Code "AIR" Application to increase rates,
and Status "CL" CLOSED (6 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
07-1112-WS-AIROHIO AMERICAN WATER COMPANY10/12/200710/29/2015
08-0227-WS-AIRWATER AND SEWER LLC03/06/200803/15/2011
09-0391-WS-AIROHIO AMERICAN WATER COMPANY05/07/200912/01/2017
11-4161-WS-AIROHIO AMERICAN WATER COMPANY07/01/201112/01/2017
18-1528-WS-AIRColumbia MHC East LLC d/b/a Columbia Park Water and Sewer System10/09/201810/04/2023
22-0489-WS-AIRCopley Business Center LLC05/09/202210/03/2023