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Cases with Industry Code "TP" TELEPHONE,
Purpose Code "BLN" letter of notification,
and Status "VOID" Case voided (5 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
15-1568-TP-BLNNotification of an address and contact change09/08/2015 
17-1874-TP-BLNNotification of Change of Address and Corporate Officers08/29/2017 
18-1609-TP-BLN30 Day State Notification for Interconnected VoIP Providers10/25/2018 
20-1159-TP-BLNTime Warner Cable Information Services (Ohio), LLC Case No. 10-2387-TP-COI06/12/2020 
21-0790-TP-BLNVOIDED - Notice of Address and Contact Change07/13/2021