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Cases with Industry Code "RR" RAILROAD,
Purpose Code "COI" Commission inquiry,
and Status "AR" Archived (6 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
77-0893-RR-COICROSSING SENIOR 294 MONNETT OHIO06/24/197703/12/1980
78-0947-RR-COICENTRAL RAILROAD TARIFF BUREAU06/13/197808/16/1978
79-0846-RR-COITRAFFIC EXECUTIVE ASSN09/26/197904/08/1981
79-0935-RR-COIKOPPERS COMPANY INCORPORATED10/23/197903/05/1980
92-0705-RR-COIWHEELING & LAKE ERIE RAILWAY CO.04/15/199204/13/1995