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Cases with Industry Code "EL" ELECTRIC,
Purpose Code "BTX" Application for a Certificate/ Gas or Electric ,
and Status "VOID" Case voided (9 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
13-1203-EL-BTXRockwell PV05/15/2013 
13-1337-EL-BTXDoublewide hog building06/06/2013 
17-0639-EL-BTXVigo – Pine Ridge Switch 138kV Transmission Line Project03/02/2017 
17-0640-EL-BTXPine Ridge Switch – Heppner 138kV Transmission Line Project03/02/2017 
17-2430-EL-BTXSeaman-Sardinia 138kV Transmission Line Project11/29/2017 
18-0032-EL-BTXDublin West Innovation District Improvements 01/02/2018 
18-1326-EL-BTXNew Electric Application08/23/2018 
19-2122-EL-BTXBeaver-Wellington 138 kV Transmission Line Project12/06/2019 
20-1294-EL-BTXInman Energy Solutions Electricity App07/20/2020