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Cases with Industry Code "EL" ELECTRIC,
Purpose Code "BLN" letter of notification,
and Status "VOID" Case voided (41 cases)

Case NumberCase TitleOpen DateClosed Date
13-0172-EL-BLNSTEAMTOWN 138KB LOOP01/10/2013 
13-2245-EL-BLNLowellville-Sammis 138 kV Transmission Line Tap to Pennant Midstream Project11/20/2013 
13-2328-EL-BLNToronto and Sammis Area 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild and Reconnection Project12/02/2013 
14-1310-EL-BLNBluebell – Canton Central 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild07/29/2014 
14-1655-EL-BLNPortsmouth Area Structure Relocation Project09/22/2014 
15-0016-EL-BLNPortsmouth Area Structure Relocation Project01/06/2015 
15-0090-EL-BLNHarding-Perry 345 kV Transmission Line Structure Installation Project01/16/2015 
15-1275-EL-BLNLetter of Notification for the Lordstown Energy Center Electrical Interconnection07/10/2015 
15-1474-EL-BLNLima-Fort Wayne 138kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project08/20/2015 
15-1762-EL-BLN138 kV Transmission Line Loops to Yager Substation10/16/2015 
15-1896-EL-BLNBluebell-Canton Central 138kV Transmission Line Structure Addition Project11/10/2015 
15-2037-EL-BLNAstor-East Broad 138kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project12/04/2015 
17-1951-EL-BLNDublin West Innovation District Improvements09/07/2017 
17-2476-EL-BLNHillsboro-Clinton 138kV Transmission Line Project12/11/2017 
17-2477-EL-BLNClinton-Hutchings Tap 138kV Transmission Line Project12/11/2017 
17-2537-EL-BLNDevola Station Project12/21/2017 
18-0038-EL-BLNHillsboro-Clinton 138kV Transmission Line Project01/02/2018 
18-0039-EL-BLNClinton-Hutchings Tap 138kV Transmission Line Project01/02/2018 
18-1090-EL-BLNHolloway-Nottingham #1 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project07/05/2018 
18-1091-EL-BLNKnox-Nottingham 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project: Phases 1 & 207/05/2018 
18-1173-EL-BLNGay-McComb 138kV Transmission Line Project07/23/2018 
18-1558-EL-BLNHyatt Station 138 kV Transmission Line Extension Project10/16/2018 
18-1592-EL-BLNDuke Energy Ohio, New South Fairmont Substation10/22/2018 
18-1850-EL-BLNDuke Energy Ohio AK Steel Substation to the Duke Energy Ohio Garver Substation12/18/2018 
19-0396-EL-BLNIn the Matter of the Application of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. for the Blue Ash Road Project02/08/2019 
19-1058-EL-BLNThe Former Burger 138 kV Transmission Line Extensions to Holloway Substation Project 05/06/2019 
19-1152-EL-BLNMaterial Change Notification05/21/2019 
19-1442-EL-BLNDuke Energy Ohio, Inc., Pierce Substation Expansion 07/09/2019 
19-1507-EL-BLNAshland Substation and 138 kV Transmission Lines Structure Addition07/30/2019 
19-1752-EL-BLNNorth Portsmouth Station Expansion Project09/05/2019 
19-2012-EL-BLNDuke Energy Ohio, Inc.11/05/2019 
19-2244-EL-BLNIn the Matter of the Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. Morgan 138 kV Transmission Line Circuit Separation Project12/31/2019 
20-0171-EL-BLNIn the Matter of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. for the I74-I75 Interchange, Cumminsville01/27/2020 
20-1443-EL-BLN“Cole – Amlin 138kV Transmission Line Relocation Project”08/28/2020 
20-1734-EL-BLNWindsor Extension (OH) 138 kV Transmission Line Project11/20/2020 
21-0238-EL-BLNKnox-Nottingham 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project03/11/2021 
21-0524-EL-BLNTidd-Sunnyside 138 kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project04/30/2021 
21-0851-EL-BLNShannon 138 kV Station Expansion Project08/09/2021 
21-1009-EL-BLNDayton Power and Light-Amsterdam Complex09/28/2021 
21-1146-EL-BLNDayton Power and Light - Madison 345kV Project11/04/2021