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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/21/1994 Amended Certificate No. 11044-I issued. (2 pgs.)
09/08/1994 Entry granting application to amend Certificate No. 11044-I. (AE) (1 pg.)
05/17/1994 Notice to Unprotested transportation case applicants
04/26/1994 Affidavit of David Chapman of Redland Ohio Incorporated which verifies that Ohio Lime Company has changed its name to Redland Ohio Incorporated, filed by M. Spurlock.
04/08/1994 Proof of Publication filed by M. Spurlock.
03/17/1994 Publication letter sent to; Spurlock
03/14/1994 Filing accepted
03/03/1994 Application of Bulk Transit Corporation to amend Certificate No. 11044-I to change the name of Ohio Lime Company to Redland Ohio Incorporated.
03/03/1994 (PROPOSED AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of lime, limestone, lime products, high temperature bonding mortar, roasted dolomite, and containers used in the transportation of aforesaid commodities, over irregular routes, from and to the facilities of United States Gypsum; Basic Incorporated; National Lime and Stone Company, Gold Bond Building Products-Division of National Gypsum; Martn Marietta Chemicals; Woodville Lime and Chemical Company; Pfizer, Inc., and Redland Ohio Incorporated located in Crawford, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wyandot Counties, Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST the transportation from and to; (1) Whetstone Township, Crawford County, Ohio; (b) Bucyrus Commercial Zone; and (c) Lyken, Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST the transportation of agricultural limestone; (a) in dump vehicles from and to Sandusky, Seneca and Wyandot Counties, Ohio; and (b) on flatbed equipment from and to Sycamore Township, Wyandot County and Bloom Township, Seneca County, Ohio. RESTRICTED as to each shipper now or hereafter listed under Contract Carrier Permit 4938, against furnishing the same kind and character of service under Certificate No. 11044-I as is authorized to be furnished such shipper pursuant to the terms of its contract on file with, and approved by, the Commission.