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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/17/1994 Corrected Certificate No. 94094-I issued.
06/06/1994 Letter requesting that Certificate No. 94095-I be reissued, filed by J. Duvall.
05/31/1994 Certificate No. 94095-I issued.
05/27/1994 Temporary Certificate 94095-I issued.
05/11/1994 Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.
05/05/1994 Letter stating that applicant is awaiting a decision by the Commission, filed by J. Duvall.
04/21/1994 Shipper's verified statement; HCG, Inc./Mark Knue, president, filed by J. Alden.
04/21/1994 Applicant's verified statement; Inventory Handlers, Inc./ Steven L. Messer, president, filed by J. Alden.
04/15/1994 Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)
04/07/1994 Application for temporary authority filed by J. Duvall.
03/28/1994 Protest withdrawn on behalf of Sidney Truck & Storage, Inc. by J. Alden.
03/20/1994 HEARING: APRIL 4, 1994 AT 10:00 A.M. AT THE PUCO
03/17/1994 Notice to Protested transportation case applicants
02/23/1994 Proof of Publication filed by J. Duvall.
02/22/1994 Protest filed on behalf of Sidney Truck & Storage, Inc. by J. Alden
02/18/1994 Proof of Publication filed
02/02/1994 Publication letter sent to: Duvall
01/31/1994 Filing accepted
01/14/1994 (AUTHORITY) Transportation of property from and to the facilities of Inventory Handlers, Inc., 2447 C & E East River Road, Moraine, Ohio 45439, 400 Victory Drive, Springboro, Ohio 45066 and 7700 Service Center Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069. RESTRICTED: 1. AGAINST the transportation of bulk commodities, household goods, office furniture and fixtures; 2. AGAINST cross-hauling; 3. AGAINST service from and to points in the existing or future Cincinnati, Dayton, and Middletown Commercial Zones, except named facilities; and 4. To the transportation of property having a prior or subsequent storage in the named facilities.
01/14/1994 Application of Inventory Handlers, Inc. for a certificate of public convenience and necessity.