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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ATC-Application to transfer a certificate
Date Opened: 6/11/1993
Date Closed: 9/9/1993
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Date FiledSummaryPages
11/05/1993Corrected Transferred Certificate No. 63572-I issued.0
11/01/1993Letter requesting that Certificate No. 63572-I be reissued, filed on behalf of applicant by D. Turano.0
10/26/1993Corrected transferred certificate No. 74204-I issued.0
10/19/1993Transferred certificate No. 74202-I issued.0
10/19/1993Transferred certificate No. 66920-I issued.0
10/19/1993Transferrred certificate No. 63572-I issued.0
10/19/1993Transferred certificate No. 625-I issued.0
09/09/1993Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
08/20/1993HEARING: SEPTEMBER 3, 1993 AT 10:00 A.M. AT THE PUCO0
07/20/1993Letter withdrawing their previous objection to the trans- fer of Certificate Nos. 625-I, 63572-I, 66920-I, and 74204-I, filed by C. Farley, Ohio Department of Taxation.0
07/16/1993Proofs of publication filed by D. Turano. (Stark and Franklin Counties)0
07/07/1993Letter from C. Farley, Ohio Department of Taxation, stating that Jones Transfer Company owes taxes to the State of Ohio and is, therefore, not in compliance with the Commissioner's rules under O.A.C. 4901.5-03.0
07/01/1993Transferee's verified statement; Starrett Service, Inc./ Norman R. Boss, president, filed by D. Turano.0
07/01/1993Transferor's verified statement; Jones Transfer Company/ Homer W. McClarty, president, filed by D. Turano.0
07/01/1993Temporary Certificate No. 74204-I issued.0
07/01/1993Temporary Certificate No. 66920-I issued.0
07/01/1993Certificate No. 63572-I issued.0
07/01/1993Temporary Certificate No. 625-I issued.0
06/28/1993Proof of Publication filed by D. Turano. (Franklin County)0
06/25/1993Fully executed temporary and permanent transfer application forms filed on behalf of the applicant by D. Turano.0
06/24/1993Deficient letter sent to: Turano0
06/22/1993Not ready for publication0
06/15/1993Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)0
06/14/1993Application for temporary transfer filed by M. Spurlock and D. Turano.0
06/11/1993Application of Starrett Service, Inc. to transfer Certificate Nos. 625-I, 63572-I, 66920-I, and 74204-I from Jones Transfer Company.0