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Purpose Code: CSS-Complaint on service or safety
Date Opened: 1/2/1991
Date Closed: 10/3/2023
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Date FiledSummaryPages
10/03/2023Case Action Form closing the case with an effective date of 09/29/23 electronically filed by Ms. Mary E. Fischer on behalf of Jay S. Agranoff, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.3
04/29/1993Entry approving the amended tariff of Miller Boat Line, Inc. and closing case.0
04/29/1993Entry ordering the amended tariff of Miller Boat Line Inc is approved as filed and this case be closed. That Neuman Boat Line Inc submit for Commission approval, proof of publication for the 1994 operating season, that Dennis E Wieber dba Res-Q Marine Service be relieved of compliance with prior orders in Case 92-380-WT-UNC.3
04/20/1993Staff finding submitted by Fran Netting, PUCO staff.0
12/17/1992Letter to F. Netting, PUCO staff, stating that Miller Boat Line has complied with all regulations and requests con- cerning vehicle policy, filed by W. Market.0
12/17/1992Staff memo stating that Miller boat Line has complied with all changes in procedures outlined in the Opinion & Order, filed by F. Netting.0
12/17/1992Tariff, PUCO No. 12, pages 1-12, filed on behalf of Miller Boat Line, Inc.0
02/27/1992Opinion & Order adopting the stipulation and settlement agreement and requiring the respondents comply with all terms and conditions contained in the agreement. The Commission's staff shall review all matters and submit its report by 9/30/92.0
02/27/1992Opinion and Order that the stipulation and settlement agreement filed by the parties be adopted.10
11/21/1991Stipulation and settlement agreement filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by S. Nourse and Miller Boat Line, Inc. by W. Market, R. Perry, D. Kover, and P. Polumbo.0
11/21/1991Stipulation and Settlement Agreement filed by Miller Boat Line and the PUCO.7
11/20/1991Supplemental Staff Finding stating the acceptance of the stipulation is recommended. 3
11/20/1991Supplemental staff findings filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by F. Netting.0
10/17/1991Staff Findings filed by the PUCO Transportation Department.11
10/17/1991Transportation Staff Findings, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by F. Netting.0
08/13/1991Correspondence letter regarding the service by Miller Boat Line, filed by D. Kover.0
08/12/1991Transcript filed for hearing held 7/19/91, (RB), 44 pgs., Submitted.0
07/25/1991Proof of Publication filed. (Ottawa County)0
07/17/1991Correspondence letter regarding the service of Miller Boat Line, filed by C. Wenger.0
06/25/1991Legal notice sent to the News Herald (Ottawa County).0
06/24/1991Entry denying respondent's motion to dismiss; that hearing be scheduled at 1:30 p.m. on 7/19/91 at the Catawba Island Community Hall, Port Clinton, Ohio; that notice of hearing be published in accordance with Finding 7; that the Economic Analysis Division of the Commission's Transporta- tion Department conduct an investigation and submit its report as set forth in Finding 6; that the complaint filed by Peter J. Palumbo be consolidated with this proceeding, and Mr. Palumbo made a party of record in this case. (AE)0
06/21/1991Entry ordering the respondent's motion to dismiss is denied.4
05/31/1991Letter filed on behalf of Peter J. Polumbo requesting information on Miller Boat Line and response letter filed by F. Netting.0
03/28/1991Reply to motion to dismiss complaint filed on behalf of complaint by R. Perry.0
03/19/1991Entry granting complainant until March 29, 1991 to file its reply to respondent's motion to dismiss complaint. (AE)0
03/01/1991Motion to dismiss complaint and memorandum filed on behalf of respondent by M. Hill.0
02/06/1991Entry granting respondent until March 1, 1991, to file its answer to the complaint. (AE)0
02/06/1991Letter confirming the 30 day extension in which to file answer to the complaint, filed on behalf of respondent by M. Stauffer Hill.0
01/11/1991Copy of Complaint & Letter sent to: Miller Boat, C.R.R.R.0
01/02/1991In the matter of the complaint and request for investigation of Perry Rentals into the transportation practices of Miller Boat Line, Inc.0
01/02/1991Correspondence requesting the Commission to examine the policy that Miller Boat Line, Inc. filed by R. Perry. 3