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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 12/17/1990
Date Closed: 7/2/1992
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01/06/1994Revised tariff pages PUCO No. 6, shet 1, 3, and 4 filed on behalf of GTE by J. Kennedy.0
06/24/1993Entry ordering that the time period for implementing EAS between the Cooney exchange and the Bryan, Edon, and Montpelier exchanges shall be extended to January 1, 1994.0
05/24/1993Motion for extension of time within which to implement extended area service filed on behalf of C,C & S Telco, Inc. by R. Prohaska.0
01/20/1993Letter stating that the in-service date for the insitution of two-way measured-rate EAS between the Bryan, Edon and Montpelier exchanges and the Cooney exchange is July 1, 1993, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy.0
07/28/1992Notice to all Cooney subscribers filed on behalf of C,C&S Telco by A. Riddle.0
07/02/1992Opinion & Order denying the request for two-way, non- optional, flat-rate EAS between the Cooney Exchange and the Bryan, Edon, Montpelier, and the Pioneer exchanges and dismissing the request for any form of EAS with respect to the Cooney Exchange and the Pioneer Exchange; ordering two-way, nonoptional, measured-rate EAS be instituted between the Cooney Exchange and the Bryan, Edon, and Montpelier exchanges. Also, granting the motions to extend the time in which to file measured-rate EAS cost data.0
07/01/1992Calling information relating to calls from its Cooney exchange to the Edon, Montpelier, Pioneer and Bryan exchanges of GTE, filed on behalf of respondent, C,C&S Telco by W. Schneider.0
05/22/1992Information response filed on behalf of respondent, C, C & S Telco, Inc. by W. Schneider.0
05/08/1992Letter requesting an extension of time to respond to Entry of April 17, 1992, filed on behalf of respondent, C,C&S Telco, by W. Schneider.0
04/17/1992Entry ordering that C, C & S file with the Commission the information requested in Finding 3 by 5/8/92. (AE)0
06/11/1991Memorandum contra complainants' motion to compel production of additional calling figures filed on behalf of respondent, C,C&S Telco, by W. Schneider.0
06/10/1991Transcript filed for hearing held 5/23/91, (DJ), 277 pgs., Submitted.0
06/10/1991Letter stating that complainants do not oppose the calling figures from the exchanges of Bryan and Montpelier, as they are not pertinent, but the calling rates and distribution from the 459 exchange to the requested exchange which would have come from C,C & S Telco which has not opposed their motion, filed by T. Molitierno.0
06/03/1991Proof of Publication filed (Williams)0
05/31/1991Motion filed on behalf of the complainants for a different survey month filed by T. Molitierno.0
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Jennings, L. Douglas