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03/14/1991 Entry scheduling hearing in cases 90-1095, 90-1212, 90-1405, and 90-1406 on Tuesday 4/30/91 at 10:00 a.m. at the Tennessee Gas Co. Community Bldg, 3428 Clay Rd., Cumberland, Ohio. Cases 90-1789 and 90-1790 are dismissed at the request of the spokesperson for the complainants, also denying the complainants' 2/4/91 motion to compel discovery and denying the complainants' request to have these cases reassigned to another Attorney Examiner.
03/06/1991 Information response filed on behalf of respondent GTE North by D. Edwards.
03/06/1991 Answer filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by D. Edwards.
03/04/1991 Supplemental answer and information response filed on behalf of respondent, Western Reserve Telephone, by T. Lodge.
02/12/1991 Correspondence letter to Mr. Bauman regarding the proper procedures for filing documents with the Commission, filed by D. Fullin, PUCO staff.
02/11/1991 Motion to have attorney examiner issue subpoenas, filed on behalf of complainant by S. Bauman.
02/11/1991 Correspondence letter to D. Fullin, PUCO staff, from S. Bauman.
02/04/1991 Entry ordering that, in the interest of administrative efficiency, the examiner finds that all of the petitions already filed, or yet to be filed, by Mr. Bauman on behalf of the subscribers of the Cumberland Exchange should be heard on a consolidated basis; the scheduled February 27, 1991 hearing date is postponed, indefinitely, in order to allow sufficient time for Mr. Bauman to complete the filing of all the petitions he has indicated an intention to file, and for respondents to file answers to such petitions and to provide appropriate calling data; that Mr. Bauman must post a conspicuous notice at the time and place of the scheduled hearing indicating that it has been postponed; entry scheduling a consolidated hearing in these cases will not be issued, unless Mr. Bauman notifies the Commission, in writing, that he has filed all of the petitions on behalf of the Cumberland Exchange subscribers that it is his intention to file and that, accordingly, he waives the privelege of filing any more such petitions during the pendency of wuch cases; Mr. Bauman is put on notice that he shall not be permitted to act as the spokesperson in any EAS case, involving the Cumberland Exchange, which might happen to be filed by someone other that Mr. Bauman; respondents shall file their written answers in Case Nos. 90-1789-TP-PEX and 90-1790-TP-PEX, with this Commission and the spokesperson for the complainants within 30 days; respondents shall provide the information required by Finding (9) to this Commission and to the spokesperson for the complainants within 30 days. (AE)
01/17/1991 Letter to Dan Fullin, PUCO staff, stating that Sherwood H. Hauman will be acting as spokesperson for this complaint, filed by S. Bauman.
12/06/1990 Entry ordering that the complainants shall file with the Commission within 30 days of the date of this entry the reasons why extended area service should be instituted; they should designate a spokesperson for the complainants; if no filing is made within 30 days, this matter will be dismissed and closed of record. (AE)
11/20/1990 In the matter of the petition of Sherwood Bauman and subscribers of the 638 Cumberland exchange of Western Reserve Telephone Company to extend tolll-free telephone service into the 678 Barlow exchange of GTE North.