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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
01/20/1993 Revised tariff, PUCO No. 6, Check List - 301st sheet 1; Section 2.3 - 16th sheet 4, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy.
08/06/1992 Letter stating that the in-service date for the institution of two-way measured-rate EAS between the Shade and Pomeroy exchanges is January 26, 1993, filed on behalf of GTE by J. Kennedy.
03/12/1992 Opinion and Order denying the request for two-way, non- optional, flat-rate EAS due the the lack of the community of interest and granting of two-way, non-optional, measured rate EAS due to the demonstration of sufficient need.
06/11/1991 Correspondence letter supporting application for extended area service, filed by Senator Jan Michael Long.
06/05/1991 Proof of Publication filed. (Meigs County)
05/16/1991 Transcript for public hearing held April 24, 1991, (JA) 189 pages, Continued.
04/29/1991 Correspondence letters supporting petition filed by various consumers.
04/26/1991 Supplemental exhibit to the prefiled testimony of David E. Kasmenn filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by D. Edwards.
04/17/1991 Testimony and attachments of David E. Kasmenn field on behalf of respondent by B. Kazee.
04/17/1991 Testimony and attachments 1 thru 10 of Arthur Huggler filed on behalf of respondent by B. Kazee.
04/09/1991 Proof of Publication filed. (Athens Messenger)
04/08/1991 Supplemental information response filed on behalf of respondent by B. Kazee.
04/04/1991 Proof of Publication filed. (Athens News)
03/15/1991 Legal notice sent to the Daily Sentinel (Meigs), Athens Messenger (Athens) and Athens News (Athens).
03/13/1991 Correspondence letter to the Honorable Mary Abel, State Representative, regarding application for extended area service, filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by Chair J. Barry Butler.
02/08/1991 Entry ordering that respondent provide the information described in Finding (3) to the Commission and to the spokesperson for the complainants within 60 days of the date of this entry; this matter be set for public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on April 24, 1991, at the Meigs County Multipurpose Senior Citizen Center, Pomeroy, Ohio; that the secretary of the Commission cause publication of the legal notice according to Finding (5); any party intending to present direct expert testimony comply with Rule 4901-29(A)(1)(j), O.A.C. (AE)
01/09/1991 Answer filed on behalf of respondent by B. Kazee.
12/13/1990 Entry ordering respondent to file its written answer or other pleading and provide additional information within 30 days of this entry. (AE)
11/13/1990 In the matter of the petition of Barbara Grueser and subscribers of the Shade 696 exchange of GTE North to extend toll-free telephone service into the Pomeroy 992 exchange of GTE North.