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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
02/10/1994 Certificate No. 90-5509 issued.
10/26/1990 Amended Certificate No. 85 issued. (FILED 10/25/90)
10/25/1990 Amended Certificate No. 85 issued.
10/12/1990 Revised tariff, 1st revised title page and 1st revised page 2 of PUCO No. 1 filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.
10/11/1990 Finding & Order granting application to amend Certificate No. 85.
10/05/1990 Proof of Publication filed on behalf of applicant. (Licking County)
10/05/1990 Proofs of publication filed for Pike and Jackson Counties, Ohio, and request that they be accepted as timely filed, filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.
10/01/1990 Proofs of publication filed on behalf of applicant by B. Ferris. (Adams, Champaign, Clark, Darke, Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Madison, Miami, Pickaway, Ross, Scioto, Shelby, and Union Counties)
09/14/1990 Response filed on behalf of applicant by D. Greim.
08/23/1990 Entry ordering that applicant file with the Commission the additional information described in Finding (2) by 9/14/90; applicant cause publication of legal notice by 9/14/90 and present proof of publication to the Commission by l0/1/90; any interested entity who can show good cause why this application should not be granted should file with the Commission a written statement detailing the reasons by l0/l/90; unless the Commission receives a written state- ment to that effect, the case will be decided on the basis of the information contained in the application and the affidavits to be submitted by the applicant; from this point forwart, this case will be captioned Case No. 90-1177-RC-AAC. (AE)
07/20/1990 Affidavit and verification filed on behalf of applicant by B. Ferris.
07/18/1990 In the matter of the application of Danny's Two-Way Communications, Inc. to amend its certificate of public convenience and necessity No. 85.