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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ATA-Application for tariff approval
Date Opened: 5/11/1990
Date Closed: 8/23/1990
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08/28/1990Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 8, Check List - l, 2, and 3; Master Index - lst sheet 2, lst sheet 5; Section Preface - 3rd sheet 2; Section Contents - 4th sheet 2, 6th sheet 5; Section -l, 4th sheet 3, 4th sheet 6, 3rd sheet 8, 3rd sheet 24, lst sheet 25, 2nd sheet 26, 2nd sheet 27; Section -9, 2nd sheet lC, original sheet l, 2, 3, and 4; Section -12, 7th sheet lC, 4th sheet 5, 2nd sheet 6; Section -l6, 4th sheet lC, 2nd sheet 3, and 5th sheet 4, filed on behalf of applicant by L. McFalls.0
08/23/1990Finding & Order granting application.0
07/31/1990Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 8, filed on behalf of applicant by L. McFalls.0
05/11/1990In the matter of the application of The Western Reserve Telephone Company for authority to revise its General Exchange Tariff PUCO No. 8 by proposing to establish regulations, rates and charges for the provision of TeenLine and SuccessLine Services in a new Section of the Tariff, Enhanced Central Office Services.0
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