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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
07/09/1990 Amended permit No. 69321 issued.
06/28/1990 Opinion & Order granting application.
06/15/1990 Letter stating that application is awaiting decision by the Commission filed on behalf of applicant by J. Duvall.
06/06/1990 Temporary Permit No. 69321 issued.
05/31/1990 Shipper's verified statement; Wallover Oil Company/ William W. Hall, purchasing/production manager, filed by J. Duvall.
05/31/1990 Applicant's verified statement; Woodlines Enterprises, Inc./John D. Wood, president, filed by J. Duvall.
05/24/1990 Shipper verified statement; Wallover Oil Company, William Hall filed on behalf of the applicant.
04/24/1990 Entry granting temporary authority for l80 days. (AE)
04/20/1990 Application for temporary authority filed on behalf of applicant by J. Duvall.
04/13/1990 Protest withdrawn on behalf of Matlack, Inc. by E. Merwin.
04/11/1990 Amended Exhibit A filed on behalf of applicant by J. Duvall.
04/04/1990 Proof of Publication filed by J. Duvall.
03/20/1990 HEARING; APRIL 3, 1990 AT 10:00 A.M. AT THE PUCO.
03/09/1990 Letter stating that the applicant is prepared to go forward to hearing on a date to be selected at the transportation assignment conference filed by J. Duvall.
02/26/1990 Notice to Protested transportation case applicants
02/20/1990 Protest filed on behalf of Refiners Transport & Terminal Corp. by M. Spurlock
02/15/1990 Protest filed on behalf of North Canton Transfer Co. by B. Ferris
02/14/1990 Publication letter sent: James Duvall
02/08/1990 Filing accepted
01/30/1990 Protest filed on behalf of Matlack, Inc. by E. Merwin
01/12/1990 Application of Woodlines Enterprises, Inc. to amend Permit No. 69321 by adding shipper; Wallover Oil Company, Strongsville, Ohio.
01/12/1990 (AUTHORITY) Transportation of property between points in Ohio.