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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
05/21/1990 Certificate No. 28 amended and reissued to include Certificate No. 33.
04/23/1990 Tariffs, PUCO No. 2 filed on behalf of applicant by C. Tievsky.
12/12/1989 Finding and Order granting the joint application.
10/20/1989 Entry denying CWC and CWMS' motion for protective order. (AE)
10/05/1989 Information as listed below filed by C. Tievsky on behalf of applicant. Submission of Further Proof of Publication Motion for Protective Order Submission of Verification
09/18/1989 Entry ordering applicants to cause republication of legal notice by 9/21/89 and file proof of publication by 10/5/89. (AE)
09/13/1989 Motion for republication filed on behalf of applicants by C. Tievsky.
08/31/1989 Proofs of Publications filed by C. Tievsky on behalf of applicant. (Counties-Cuyahoga-Tuscarawas)
08/17/1989 Statement pursuant to Entry of The Attorney Examiner filed by C. Tievsky on behal of applicants.
08/02/1989 Entry ordering the applicants file the informaiton as re- quested to the Commission no later than 8/17/89; Ordering the applicants cause publication of legal notice on or before 8/17/89 and present proof to the Commission by 8/31/89; Inviting any interested person, firm, corporation, or entity who can show good cause why this application should not be granted file a written statement by 8/31/89. (AE)
05/30/1989 Motion for exemption from rules governing issuance of securities and supporting memorandum filed by S. Yancy and C. Tievsky.
05/30/1989 Motion for waiver of hearing filed on behalf of applicant by S. Yancy and C. Tievsky.
05/30/1989 Application of Cable & Wireless Communications, Inc. for authority to acquire the facilities of Cable & Wireless Management Services, Inc.