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05/08/1990 Entry accepting Mr. Meinerding's late-filed information as timely filed; dismissing case no. 87-790-WW-CSS and initiating case no. 90-732-WW-ATA; ordering Mr. Meinering's filings of 7/11/89, 4/9/90 and 8/1/89 and complainant's filing of 7/25/89 be filed in 90-732-WW-ATA; ordering the complainant's in 87-790-WW-CSS be made intervenors in 90-732-WW-ATA; and scheduling a prehearing conference on Tuesday 5/29/90 at l0:00 a.m. at the offices of the Commission.
04/09/1990 Amendments to original filing filed on behalf of respondent by T. McCue.
03/20/1990 Copy of letter dated 3/19/90 sent to respondent regarding 4/9/90 deadline for filing amendment, filed on behalf of the PUCO Staff by S. Daly.
03/08/1990 Letter sent to Wesley C. Meinerding from Sue Daly, PUCO Staff, requesting respondent file an amended filing.
03/02/1990 Finalized plan filed on behalf of respondent by W. Meinerding.
08/01/1989 Letter filed by T. McCue on behalf of respondent, informing the Commission that the respondent does not request a hear- ing on the materials submitted pursuant to the Commission's opinion dated 5/16/89.
07/25/1989 Letter filed on behalf of complainants, informing the Commission that Jack Williams will no longer be acting as agent for the complainants, the position will be filled by S. Modich.
07/11/1989 Motion for extension of time to file response filed on behalf of the respondent by T. McCue.
07/11/1989 Respondent's compliance with Order dated May 16, 1989 filed by R. McCue.
05/16/1989 Opinion & Order, ordering Meinerding submit his water system operations to the jurisdiction of this Commission; continue to provide water service until transfer or abandon- ment take place; file requested information by 7/7/89.
02/05/1988 Trans., for hearing held on 1/20/88, (CP) Submitted Vol. I, 1-70 pages.
02/03/1988 Respondent's Exhibit 4, filed by T. McCue.
12/14/1987 Trans., for hearing held on 12/3/87, (CP) Con't. Vol. I, 1-3 pages.
12/11/1987 Proof of Publication filed. (County/Carroll)
12/08/1987 Entry granting complainants' request for continuance and rescheduling hearing for Wednesday, January 20, 1988, at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Commission.
11/24/1987 Motion filed by K. Stoneman on behalf of complainants.
10/28/1987 Legal notice sent to Free Press Standard (Carrollton County)
10/22/1987 Entry scheduling hearing on Thursday, 12/3/87, at 10:00 a.m. at the offices of the Commission. (AE)
08/17/1987 Memorandum in Support of Jurisdiction filed by K. Stoneman on behalf of complianant.
07/16/1987 Entry giving parties 30 days to file the memoranda outlined in the Entry. (AE)
06/19/1987 Answer filed by T. McCue on behalf of respondent.
05/29/1987 Complaint form letter with copy of complaint mailed out to; Mr. Wesley Meinerding.
05/22/1987 Complaint of Jack Williams et al (Vs.) Wesley Meinerding, Relative to the alleged, unjust and unreasonable billing practices of company.