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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
12/10/1987 Certificate No. 32 issued on behalf of applicant.
12/09/1987 Entry ordering a Certificate now be issued to Ohio Water Service Company. (AE)
12/03/1987 Letter filed by F. Dunbar, III on behalf of applicant, RE: to tariffs.
11/09/1987 Various filings as required from Opinion & Order dated 10/14/87, filed by F. Dunbar, III., on behalf of applicant.
10/14/1987 Opinion & Order granting as it portions to Village of Hills & Dales and the portion of requested southern area east of Tuscarawas River and denied west of River, also directing Ohio Water Service Co. to file certain compliances.
08/07/1987 Supplemental information submission filed on behalf of the applicant by F. Dunbar.
06/17/1987 Information Submission filed by F. Dunbar, III on behalf of applicant.
06/01/1987 Transcript for hearing held May 12, 1987, (GH) Vol I, 89 pages, Submitted.
05/27/1987 Post Hearing filing filed on behalf of the Applicant by F. Dunbar, III.
05/07/1987 Testimonies of following filed on behalf of applicant. 1). Testimony of Merrill G. Sloan 2). " " " Stanley M. Massarelli 3). " " " Elmer E. Martin 4). " " " Terry J. Rakocy
05/01/1987 Response of Ohio Water Service Company, prepared by T. Rakocy, P.E.
03/31/1987 Entry denying applicant's request to decide this matter with out a public hearing and granting temporary authority during pendency of this case. Hearing set for Tuesday, May 12, 1987 at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Commission.
01/27/1987 Addendum to application filed by F. Dunbar, III on behalf of applicant.
12/11/1986 Application of Ohio Water Service Company for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to extend The Massillon District South of U.S. Route 30 in Stark County, Ohio