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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/15/1988 ICN. #0033 Letter filed by R. McElfresh on behalf of applicant, informing the Board of the completetion and placement in service of the subject facility on 11/2/88.
07/21/1988 ICN. #0032 Letter filed by R. McElfresh on behalf of applicant, RE: construction began during the week of July 4, 1988.
04/13/1988 ICN# 0031 Letter sent to T. Chaney authorizing the construction to begin as scheduled filed by J. Kennedy.
03/17/1988 ICN. #0030 Letter filed by W.T. Chaney on behalf of applicant.
10/26/1987 #0029 Opinion and Order, and Certificate granting applicatio forthwith.
09/29/1987 ICN# 0028 Report and recommendations of Administrative Law Judge.
09/14/1987 ICN. #0026 Trans., for hearing held on 8/27/87, (EC) Con't., Vol. I, 1-18 pages.
09/14/1987 ICN. # 0027 Trans., for hearing held on 8/26/87, (EC) Con't., Vol. II, 1-31 pages.
09/01/1987 ICN. #0025 Comments filed by and on behalf of A. Froehle, president of the Mt. Airy Civic Association.
08/27/1987 ICN. #0024 Joint Stipulation of Findings and Recomendations filed by J. Vennemann/Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company and M. Malone on behalf of staff.
08/11/1987 ICN. #0022 Staff's Report of Investigation and Recommended Findings.
08/05/1987 ICN. #0021 The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company's response to staff request for information from applicant, filed by J. Vennemann.
08/04/1987 ICN. #0020 Entry scheduling a pre-hearing conference be held on 8/17/87, at 9:00 a.m., in the offices of the Commission. (AE)
08/04/1987 ICN. #0019 Entry granting Flora Hoeweler and Frieda Rolfert intervention. (AE)
08/03/1987 ICN, #0018 Letter filed by and on behalf of F. Rolfert, RE: requesting a motion of leave to intervene to submit information to the OSPB concerning an alternate route on pipeline.
07/30/1987 Correspondent letter filed on behalf of Flora G. Hoeweler.
07/21/1987 ICN. #0016 Response filed by R. McElfresh on behalf of applicant.
07/15/1987 ICN# 0015 Staff request for information from the applicant filed by P. Malone.
07/08/1987 ICN# 0014 Proof of Publication filed.
06/25/1987 Letter sent to T. Chaney stating that the application has been accepted by the Board and that CGE must file a Public Notice within 7 days of the effective date of filing.
06/16/1987 ICN# 0012 Receipts for public offices in which CGE filed an application by T. Chaney.
06/05/1987 Letter filed by the Commission stating that the application has been certified as being complete and that the additional fees are due at this time.
01/05/1987 Letter approving waivers requested by the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company filed by the Power Siting Board.
12/29/1986 ICN. #0008 Memorandum filed by Dennis Muchnicki assigning P. Malone and S. Sigler to this matter.
12/29/1986 ICN. #0008 Copy of check from applicant.
12/29/1986 ICN. #0007 Copy of opening remarks from conference held 12/17/86 and list of attendees filed by R. Stamper.
12/22/1986 ICN. 0006 Supplemental motion of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company filed by J. Vennemann.
12/18/1986 ICN. #0005 Pre-Application Conference F/l "AA" extension dated December 17, 1986, on behalf of applicant.
12/17/1986 ICN. #0004 Assignment of Litigation Counsel filed by J. Borrows, Utilities Department, PUCO staff.
12/15/1986 ICN. #0003 Motion of The Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company for waiver of certain filing requirements filed by J. Vennemann.
12/12/1986 ICN. #0002 Notice of Pre-Application Conference to be held on December 17, 1986, at 10:00 a.m., in Room 11E, 11th Floor offices of the Commission.
12/01/1986 In the Matter of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company for a new gas pipeline project which has been designated the Gas Feeder Line AA Extention.