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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
03/27/1987 Tariff sheet, PUCO No. 1, filed on behalf of applicant.
02/11/1987 Letter filed by S. Bloomfield on behalf of CQ, correcting typographical errors in 2/10/87 document.
02/10/1987 Copy of the FCC's assignment dated December 6, 1987, along with a letter directed to the chief of the FCC's Mobile Service Division dated 1/21/87 under signature of CQ's counsel, David L. Hill, stating that the authorized transfer of control was completed on December 31, 1986, filed by S. Bloomfield.
01/15/1987 Corrected Sheet No. 1 (Section 1) and page 1 of the Price List filed by C. Edwards on behalf of applicant.
01/07/1987 Certificate No. 71 issued.
01/02/1987 Tariffs filed by S. Bloomfield on behalf of applicant.
12/23/1986 Finding and Order approving joint application to transfer and merge prior to 1/15/88 contingent upon the applicants filing, within 60 days, evidence of the final consent of the FCC. Upon completion of transfer, certificates 1,3,4 & 42 will be cancelled and Central Mobile removed from PUCO index. Tariff of CQ, as revised on 12/5/86 is approved.
12/22/1986 Letter filed by S. Bloomfield on behalf of applicants, re- questing the Commission to proceed with its joint petition and application approving the merger but specifying that it may be consummated any time before 1/15/88.
12/11/1986 Exhibit E, filed by S. Bloomfield on behalf of applicant.
12/05/1986 Revised Tariff sheets No. 9, Section 3 filed on behalf of Central Mobile/CQ Merger by M. Brandt.
11/26/1986 Documentation as requested by the Commission for its reveiw of the joint petition and application, filed by S. Bloom- field on behalf of applicant.
11/06/1986 Entry ordering applicants to file by 11/28/86 additional information requested; Inviting any any person, firm, corporation, or entity who can show good cause why the subject application should not be granted file with the Commission a written statement on or before 11/28/86. (AE)
11/03/1986 Letter filed by S. Bloomfield on behalf of CQ of Ohio, Inc., informing the Commission if the merger is approved the customers will not be paying higher rates for a period of at least six months.
10/31/1986 Joint Petition for approval of a merger between Central Mobile Radio Phone Service, Inc. and CQ of Ohio, Inc. and an application to transfer the Certificates of Central Mobile Radio Phone Service, Inc. to CQ of Ohio, Inc.