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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/30/1987 Amended Permit No. 5091 issued.
06/16/1987 Finding and Order granting application.
06/02/1987 Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith
05/27/1987 Applicants Verified Statement filed by Thomas Transportation Inc.
05/27/1987 Shipper verified statement filed on behalf of Traub Container Corporation.
05/18/1987 Protest withdrawn on behalf of R & L Transfer, Inc by B. Ferris.
05/07/1987 (AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of corrugated paper, board and waste bail products, all points within the State of Ohio to serve Traub Container Corporation. RESTRICTED: Against the transportation of commodities in bulk. RESTRICTED: To transportation of truck load shipments having no more than four (4) stops in transit.
05/07/1987 Letter filed by E. Erfurt, III on behalf of applicant, modifying the sought after authority.
03/16/1987 Letter filed by J. Stiverson on behalf of Truckway Service, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.
03/16/1987 Letter filed by L. Witherspoon on behalf of The Better Truck Line Co., requesting protest be withdrawn.
02/03/1987 Certificate of Readiness filed on the Applicant by E. Erfurt, III.
12/22/1986 Protest filed on behalf of R & L Transfer, Inc. by B. Ferris
12/09/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Truckway Service, Inc. by J. Stiverson
12/05/1986 Proof of Publication filed
11/25/1986 Protest filed on behalf of The Better Truck Line Co. by L. Witherspoon
11/03/1986 Proof of publication letter sent.
10/30/1986 Filing accepted
10/21/1986 (AUTHORITY) Transportation of corrugated paper, board, and waste bail products. All points within the State of Ohio to service Taub Containter Corporations customers. The us of Two Drivers, Two Tractors, and Four Trailers.
10/21/1986 Application of Thomas Transportation, Inc. to amend Permit No. 5091 by adding shipper; Taub Container Corp., Bedford Heights, Ohio.