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File a Public Comment
Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: AAP-Application to amend a permit
Date Opened: 9/12/1986
Date Closed: 9/27/1988
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Date FiledSummaryPages
12/12/1988Amended permit No. 1142 issued.0
11/08/1988Entry nunc pro tunc amending ordering of September 27, 1988.0
09/27/1988Opinion and Order granting application.0
09/02/1988Letter filed by C. Valentine, Jr., on behalf of applicant, requesting a decision be made on this matter.0
07/18/1988Shipper verified statement; Stone Creek Brick Company filed by J. Duvall.0
07/18/1988Shipper verified statement; Glen-Gery Corp. filed by J. Duvall.0
07/18/1988Applicant verified statement; Baker Hi-Way Express, Inc. filed by J. Duvall.0
04/08/1988Letter filed by E. Merwin on behalf of Sugar Creek Cartage Co., requesting protest be withdrawn.0
03/31/1988Entry extending temporary authority for 180 days.0
03/15/1988Amended Exhibit A, filed by C. Valentine, Jr., on behalf of applicant.0
03/15/1988(AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property between points in Ohio. RESTRICTED AGAINST: 1. Transportation of commodities in bulk, feed, grain, seed, fertilizer, flour, coal, household goods, furniture, farm machinery, unfinished furniture parts, logs, ties, poles, lumber, sawmill equipment, sawmill supplies, sawdust and other products of sawmills. 2. Service from and to points within an eight mile radius of Sugar Creek, except when the original or destination is otherwise authorized herein.0
03/14/1988Letter filed by C. Valentine,Jr., on behalf of applicant, requesting temporary operating authority be extended for an additional 180 days.0
02/23/1988Amended Rate Schedule filed on behalf of applicant. (filed 2/12/88)0
10/27/1987Temporary permit No. 1142 issued.0
10/19/1987Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days.0
10/14/1987Trans., for hearing held on 9/23/87, (OL) Submitted Vol. I, 1-5 pages.0
09/24/1987Application for temporary authority filed by E. H. van Deusen on behalf of applicant.0
09/11/1987Entry setting hearing to be held on 9/23/87, at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Commission. (AE)0
12/29/1986Proof of Publication filed0
10/20/1986Protest filed on behalf of Sugar Creek Cartage Co. by E. Merwin0
10/16/1986Protest filed on behalf of Ralph H. Howard, dba Howard Trkg by J. Stiverson0
10/16/1986Protest filed on behalf of Main Trucking Company by J. Stiverson0
10/08/1986Letter of deficient sent.0
10/06/1986Filing accepted0
09/12/1986(AUTHORITY) Transportation of property, except bulk commodities, between points in Ohio.0
09/12/1986Application of Baker Hi-Way Express, Inc. to amend Permit No. 1142 by adding shippers; Stone Creek Brick Company - Stone Creek, Ohio and Glen-Gery Corporation - Reading PA0