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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
04/14/1987 Entry dismissing case.
03/24/1987 Joint Motion to Dismiss filed on behalf of the parties by D. Pemberton and R.Cohen.
03/16/1987 City of Findlay's Objections to Staff Report of Investiga- tion and Statement of Issues filed by D. Pemberton.
03/13/1987 Applicants statement of issues, submitted by R. Cohen.
03/13/1987 Objections of Applicant Ohio Power Company to Staff Report of Investigation, submitted by R. Cohen.
02/12/1987 Staff report filed
01/20/1987 Entry requiring Ohio Power submit information within 90 days on the basis of a test year beginning 4/1/85 and ending 3/31/86, with date certain 3/31/85.
01/05/1987 Letter filed by R. Cohen on behalf of applicant.
12/19/1986 Motion to consolidate filed by R. Cohen on behalf of applicant.
12/02/1986 Entry amending complaint and appeal of Ohio Power Co. and accepting application for filing as of October 3, 1986.
11/26/1986 Notice of Application for an increase in electric rates charged to The City of Findlay for municipal water works & sewage disposal facilities, filed by L. R. Hoover on behalf of applicant.
10/31/1986 Testimony of G. Shaheen; C. Oberlin; R. Pelger; R. Kalie; A. Lindahl; and P. Batchelder filed by R. Pelger on behalf of applicant.
10/22/1986 Entry granting Ohio Power an extension of time until 10/31/86 to file direct testimony.
10/17/1986 Motion for extension of time to file testimony filed by R. J. Pelger on behalf of Ohio Power Company.
10/03/1986 Schedules A through F and S filed by R. J. Pelger on behalf of applicant.
09/30/1986 Entry granting waiver requests from Standard Filing Require- ments.
09/25/1986 Letter filed by and on behalf of D. Pemberton, advising the Commission to enter his appearance as counsel for the City of Findlay, Ohio.
09/15/1986 Entry denying Ohio Power's motion for summary disposition & finding of invalidity and granting extension of time to file information due within ninety days.
08/21/1986 Request for Waivers of Standard Filing Requirements filed by R. J. Pelger on behalf of applicant.
08/16/1986 Motion for Summary Disposition and Finding of Invalidity, Memorandum in Support of Motion for Extension of Time filed by R. Cohen on behalf of applicant.
06/22/1986 Entry giving Ohio Power Co. 90 days to file required information.
05/28/1986 Complaint and Appeal of Ohio Power Company from Ordinance No. 1986-28, passed by the Council of the City of Findlay, Ohio, on April 15, 1986, fixing and regulating the rates and prices that Ohio Power company shall charge for all electric energy required by the City of Findlay, Ohio to operate its water and sanitary sewage facilities.