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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/29/1987 Permit No. 62949 issued.
06/09/1987 Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.
05/28/1987 Attorney examiner report filed recommending granting application forthwith.
04/02/1987 Letter filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant, requesting an extension of time until May 6, 1987 within which to file necessary evidence of insurance.
03/18/1987 Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)
02/12/1987 Application for Temporary Authority filed on behalf of the Applicant by E. Merwin.
02/02/1987 Shipper Verified Statement of Chief Super Maarkets, Inc.
02/02/1987 Shipper Verified statement filed on behalf of Eagle Print.
10/02/1986 Letter filed by A. Charles Tell on behalf of B. A. Miller & Sons Trucking, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.
10/02/1986 Shipper verified statement; John L. Kuser, Circulation Manager, Napoleon, Inc., filed on behalf of applicant.
10/02/1986 Applicant's verified statement; John F. Schroeder, Owner.
08/27/1986 Letter filed by J. Stiverson on behalf of Geiger Transporta- tion, Inc., requesting protest be withdrawn.
08/14/1986 Protest withdrawn on behalf of Hornish Bros, Inc by B,Ferris
08/10/1986 Amended exhibit A filed by E. Merwin on behalf of the applicant.
08/10/1986 (AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of property, except commodities in bulk, between points in Ohio. RESTRICTED: To the use of straight trucks.
07/30/1986 Certificate of readiness filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant.
07/17/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Hornish Bros., Inc. by B. Ferris
07/16/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Geiger Transportation, Inc. by J. Stiverson
06/24/1986 Protest filed on behalf of B.A. Miller & Sons Trucking,Inc. by A. Charles Tell
06/23/1986 Proof of Publication filed
06/08/1986 Proof of publication letter sent to E. Merwin.
06/01/1986 Filing accepted
05/22/1986 Transportation of property except commodities in bulk between points in Ohio.
05/22/1986 Application of John f. Schroeder dba Urba Rural for a contract motor carrier permit, filed by E. Merwin.