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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
05/11/1987 Corrected Permit No. 4651 issued.
04/24/1987 Transferred Permit No. 4651 issued.
12/09/1986 Entry granting application upon filing of compliances.
08/03/1986 Letter filed by J. Alden on behalf of the transferee; Re- lative to changing name to Michael D. Sigler, dba S & H Transport.
05/05/1986 Entry waiving transferor's requirement of liability insurance coverage.
04/22/1986 Affidavit of Non-Operations filed on behalf of S & T Trucking and S & H Transport by J. Alden.
04/14/1986 Order journalized w/compliances due by June 14, 1986.
04/13/1986 Trans., for hearing held 4-4-86, (KS), Con't., Vol. I, 1-5 pages.
03/31/1986 Verified statement of Michael D. Sigler and Byron Howard, (S & H Transport) filed by J. Alden, on behalf of the applicant.
03/31/1986 Verified statement of Judith L. Shisler, (S & T Trucking Co.) on behalf of the applicant, filed by J. Alden.
03/10/1986 Filing accepted
03/09/1986 Proof of Publication filed
03/01/1986 AUTHORITY; MID-OHIO CHEMICAL TERMINALS, INC: Authority: Transportation of fertilizer and fertilizer materials from Cairo and Washington Court House, Ohio to Wayne County, Ohio Restricted: Against transportation in bulk, tank, or hopper type vehicles. WAYNE LANDMARK INC: Authority: Transport- ation of fertilizer in bags, and mixed bag and bulk ship- ments from Sims Station to Wayne County. Authority: Grain in bags, and in mixed bag and bulk shipments from Lima, Ohio to Wayne County. Authority: Grain from Wayne County to Bellvue and Wooster. Authority: Transportation of minerals, metal roofing, when shipped in mixed loads with minerals, soybean meal, fertilizer, wheat and beans; from and to Wayne County, Ohio. Restricted: Against the use of hopper and tank vehicles.
03/01/1986 Application of Michael D. Sigler and Byron Howard, dba S & H Transport to transfer Permit No. 4651 from S & T Trucking Co. filed by J. Alden.