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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ATP-Application to Transfer Permit
Date Opened: 2/27/1986
Date Closed: 8/19/1986
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Date FiledSummaryPages
09/24/1986Transferred Permit No. 4585 issued, Last Compliance 8/21/86.0
08/18/1986Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
07/28/1986Letter filed by M. Spurlock on behalf of applicant, request- ing decision be issued.0
05/28/1986Temporary Authority issued on Permit No. 4585.0
05/01/1986Entry cancelling TA in cases 86-606-TR-ATP, 86-607-TR-ATC and 86-608-TR-ATC and granting TA for 180 days in cases 85-1952-TR-ATC, 86-247-TR-ATC and 86-340-TR-ATP, reinstat- ing WTI Co., as transferee.0
04/21/1986Entry cancelling TA previously granted to Wills Trucking, Inc. and substituting WTI Co. as transferee.0
04/13/1986Trans., for hearing held 4-4-86, (KS), Con't. Vol. I, 1-5 pages.0
03/26/1986Temporary authority granted for 180 days.0
03/26/1986Filing accepted0
03/25/1986Proof of Publication filed0
03/25/1986Verified statement of Paul W. Willis and Paul W. Willis II filed by M. Spurlock.0
03/04/1986Proof of Publication filed0
02/25/1986Application of Wills Trucking, Inc. to Transfer Contract Motor Carrier Permit No. 4585, filed by M. Spurlock.0
02/25/1986AUTHORITY; MARTIN MARIETTA MAGNESIA SPECIALTIES; Transportation of lime and limestone products from and to Sandusky County, Ohio. INTERNATIONAL SALT COMPANY; Transportation of salt, rock salt and salt mixtures in straight or mixed shipments for the International Salt Company: (a) From Cleveland, Ohio to points in Ohio; (b) From Cincinnati, Ohio to points in Ohio; (c) From Sharon- ville, Ohio to points in Ohio; (d) From Franklin County, Ohio to points in Ohio; Restricted to transportation in open top dump trucks or trailers and unloaded by end dumping (e) Salt in bulk and packages in straight or mixed shipments from Lucas County, Ohio to all points in Ohio. Restricted against the use of tank, hopper or pneumatic-type vehicles. MORTON THIOKOL, INC., MORTON SALT DIVISION; Transportation of salt and salt mixtures from Fairport Harbor (Morton), Ohio; From Franklin County, Ohio from Columbus, Ohio; from Clark County, Ohio; and from Toledo, Ohio to points in Ohio for Morton Salt Division of Morton Thiokol, Inc.0