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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
01/06/1987 Corrected Certificate 11191-I issued.
12/31/1986 Amended Certificate No. 11191-I issued, Last Compliance 12/22/86.
12/02/1986 Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.
10/28/1986 Attorney examiner report filed/granted forthwith. (issued 10/27/86)
08/20/1986 Temporary operating authority issued on Certificate No. 11191-I.
08/14/1986 Entry consolidatinh case No. 86-980-TR-AAC with 85-1445-TR- AAC et al.
07/27/1986 Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days.
07/02/1986 Application for temporary authority filed by E. Merwin on behalf of applicant.
06/26/1986 Verified statement of shipper; Annaco on behalf of applicant
06/24/1986 Entry granting the request to consolidate Case No. 86-354- TR-AAC with Case Nos. 85-1445-TR-AAC et al.
06/22/1986 Shipper verified statement of; Global Resources filed on behalf of applicant.
06/10/1986 Letter filed by E. Merwin, withdrawing the protest of any and all carriers for whom he has filed.
06/10/1986 Exhibits of D & M Express, Inc. filed by E. Merwin.
06/08/1986 Verified statement of Richard Isaac, (The Isaac Corporation) filed on behalf of the D & M Express, Inc.
06/08/1986 Letter filed by J. Duvall, Relative to withdrawal of counsel, new counsel shall be E. Merwin.
06/03/1986 Protest withdrawn on behalf of Truckway Service, Inc. by J. Stiverson.
05/29/1986 Entry granting consolidation of Case Nos. 85-1445-TR-AAC, 85-1446-TR-AAC, 85-1447-TR-AAC, 85-1448-TR-AAC, 85-1449- TR-AAC, 85-1824-TR-AAC, 86-223-TR-AAC and 85-1851-TR-ACE.
05/29/1986 Entry ordering D & M Express, Inc. be substituted in place of Ideal Transportation Company as the applicant.
05/22/1986 Motion to consolidate filed by E. Merwin, J. Duvall and L. Witherspoon on behalf of the applicant.
05/22/1986 Petition to substitute D & M Express, Inc. as applicant in Lieu of Ideal Transportation Company filed by E. Merwin.
05/14/1986 Letter filed by J. Alden on behalf of the applicant, Re- lative to the second amended Exhibit 4.
05/12/1986 (SECOND AMENDED AUTHORITY) Transportation of scrap metals, except in closed van equipment betweene points in Ohio.
05/12/1986 Second Amended Exhibit 4 filed by C. Valentine, Jr. on be- half of the applicant.
05/06/1986 Proof of Publication filed
03/15/1986 Amended Application to Amend Certificate No. 11191-I filed Clifton G. Valentine, Jr.
03/15/1986 Filing accepted
03/12/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Truckway Service, Inc. by J. Stiverson
03/05/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Victory Warehouses, Inc. by E. Merwin
03/04/1986 Protest filed on behalf of Duff Truck Line,Inc. by J. Alden
02/25/1986 Protest withdrawn filed on behalf of Duff Truck Lines, Inc. by J. Alden.
02/16/1986 Amended Exhibit 4 filed by C. Valentine.
02/16/1986 Transportation of scrap metals, except in closed van equipment, between points in Ohio. RESTRICTED against movements in dump trucks from and to points in Summit County, except when origin or destination is a point otherwise authorized herein.
02/03/1986 Application of Ideal Transportation Company to amend Cert- ificate No. 11191-I. Filed by C. Valentine.
02/03/1986 Proof of Publication filed