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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 9/27/1985
Date Closed: 7/6/1988
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Date FiledSummaryPages
05/18/1989Tariff sheets, PUCO No. 6, filed by J. Ludenia on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio.0
03/01/1989Letter filed by M. Askins on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio, RE: the proposed implementation date is 5/21/89.0
07/06/1988Supplemental Opinion & Order denying motion to reopen case and granting Alltel's motion to supplement the record. The request for two-way, nonoptional flate-rate EAS between the Alexandria Exchange of United and tthe Newark Exchange of Alltel, and ordering United and Alltel institute one-way, nonoptional ELC between the Exchanges.0
06/30/1988Correspondent letter filed by A. Mitchell.0
04/15/1988Motion of Respondent, Alltel Ohio, Inc. to supplement record filed by T. Lodge.0
03/30/1988Memorandum contra motion to reopen proceedings filed by D. Kenny on behalf of the United Telephone Company of Ohio.0
03/28/1988Memorandum Contra Motion to Reopen proceedings filed by D. Kennedy on behalf of complainant.0
02/12/1988Motion to Reopen Proceeding filed by J. Rozic on behalf of United Telephone Co. of Ohio.0
10/07/1987Trans., for hearing held on 9/25/87, (SW) Submitted Vol. I, 1-42 pages.0
10/01/1987Trans., for hearing held on 9/10/87, (CP) Con't., Vol. I, 1-3 pages.0
09/10/1987Testimony of Dennis R. McNary filed by J. Rozic on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio.0
09/10/1987Tstimony of Charles A. Bell filed by J. Rozic on behalf of United Telephone Company of Ohio.0
08/18/1987Entry rescheduling hearing to be held on Septemberr 10, 1987, at 9:30 a.m., at the offices of the Commission. (AE)0
08/17/1987Letter filed by T. Lodge on behalf of respondent, requesting hearing be rescheduled.0
07/31/1987Entry granting complainant's requests, therefore a further hearing in the Alexandria case is scheduled for Thursday August 27, 1987, at 9:30 a.m., and immediately following that hearing, at approximately 11:00 a.m., a further hear- ing in the Utica-Homer case shall be held, at the offices of the Commission. (AE)0
06/23/1987Request for further hearing on informational response submitted by respondents filed by J. Trifelos.0
06/12/1987Information Response of Alltel Ohio, Inc. filed by T. Lodge.0
06/11/1987Information response of United Telephone Company of Ohio by J. Rozic.0
04/14/1987Opinion & Order denying EAS between Alexandria and Pataskala Exchanges of United and between Alexandria and Granville Exchanges of Alltel. Pending reciepts of additional informa- tion, the Commission will make no determination at this time regarding EAS between Alexandria and Newark Exchanges.0
05/21/1986Trans., for hearing held 4-30-86, (SW) Submitted/Local Public Hearing/Alexandria, Ohio 1-264 pages Vol. I0
04/22/1986Testimony of Linda L. McFalls, on behalf of Alltel Ohio, Inc., filed by T. Lodge.0
04/21/1986Testimony of Gene A. Gratz, on behalf of the applicant, filed by J. Rozic.0
04/16/1986Proof of Publication filed. (County/Licking)0
04/07/1986Proof of Publication filed. ( County/Fairfield)0
03/04/1986Legal notice sent to The Advocate (Licking) and Lancaster- Eagle Gazette (Fairfield) for hearing.0
02/27/1986Entry scheduling public hearing on Wednesday, April 30, 1986 at 9:30 a.m. at the Alexandria Service Club, 33 Mill Street Alexandria, Ohio 43001.0
11/14/1985Answer filed.0
09/27/1985Case filed.0