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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: ORD-Administrative order
Date Opened: 9/18/1980
Date Closed: 10/22/1986
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01/27/1988Memo stating amended rules 4901:1-11-04, 4901:1-11-07, 4901:1-11-09 and 4901:1-11-10 OAC are adopted today with effective date February 6, 1988.0
12/16/1987Revised tariff sheet, filed by R. R. Van Allen on behalf of Toledo Edison Company.0
11/24/1987Entry ordering that Rules 4901:1-11-04, 4901:1-11-07, 4901:1-11-09 and 4901:1-11-10 be revised as set forth in Entry; Ordering that copies of the proposed Rules be filed as required by Section 111.15, Revised Code; Ordering that any companies which have not yet filed tariffs in conformance with the proposed Rules do so immediately.0
05/22/1987Tariffs filed by J. Hankins on behalf of Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Company.0
12/09/1986Entry amending and restructuring Rule 4901:1-11-06 and denying OCC's Application for Rehearing.0
11/21/1986Application for Rehearing filed on behalf of OCC by R. Rosenberry.0
10/22/1986Entry amending Rules 4901:1-1-11-01 through 4901:1-11-04, rescinding Rules 4901:1-11-05 through 4901:1-11-12, enacting Rules 4901:1-11-05 through 4901:1-11-13 and adopting the proposed Chapter 4901:1-11.0
08/11/1986Comments of the Dayton Power and Light Company filed by J. Yates.0
07/25/1986Comments of The Dayton Power & Light Company filed by J. Yates.0
07/25/1986Comments of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company filed by D. Marshall.0
07/25/1986Comments by the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, filed by C. Smith.0
07/25/1986Comments of Ohio Edison Company filed by M. Beiting.0
07/25/1986Comments of Toledo Edison Company filed by Wm. Hupenbecker.0
07/25/1986Comments of The Office of Consumers' Counsel filed by R. Rosenberry.0
07/25/1986Comments of Ohio Power Company filed by A. Kessler.0
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Deerwester, Steven