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CASE DESCRIPTION: Carla Butler vs Dominion Energy Services, Inc
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
07/25/2022 Case Action Form closing case with an effective date of 07/25/22 filed by Daniel E. Fullin.
06/15/2022 Service Notice.
06/15/2022 Entry granting the request to dismiss the complaint, with prejudice, filed by the East Ohio Gas Company dba Dominion Energy Ohio electronically filed by Heather A. Chilcote on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
06/14/2022 Notice of Withdrawal electronically filed by Ms. Valerie A. Cahill on behalf of Whitt-Sturtevant.
05/02/2022 Answer electronically filed by Christopher T. Kennedy on behalf of The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a Dominion Energy Ohio.
04/12/2022 Complaint Service letter and copy of complaint sent to Dominion Energy Services, Inc. Attn: Andrew J. Campbell, Senior Counsel.
04/12/2022 Compliant Response letter and copy of brochure mailed to Carla Butler, Complainant.
04/12/2022 In the Matter of the Complaint of Carla Butler vs Dominion Energy Ohio for alleged unfair billing practices.