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CASE DESCRIPTION: The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a Dominion Energy Ohio
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
06/14/2022 Notice of Withdrawal electronically filed by Ms. Valerie A. Cahill on behalf of Whitt-Sturtevant.
12/15/2021 Entry finding that The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a/ Dominion Energy Ohio may continue to defer its pipeline infrastructure replacement program costs, based on the existing program procedures, beyond the current expiration date of December 31, 2021, and until the Commission specifically orders otherwise electronically filed by Heather A. Chilcote on behalf of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.
12/15/2021 Service Notice.
08/31/2021 In the Matter of the Application for Authority to Continue Deferring Pipeline Infrastructure Replacement (PIR) Program Costs electronically filed by Christopher T. Kennedy on behalf of The East Ohio Gas Company d/b/a Dominion Energy Ohio.