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CASE DESCRIPTION: Ohio Power Company
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
12/04/2018 Case Action Form closing case with an effective date of 12/4/18.
11/28/2018 Case Action Form re-opening case filed by Anna Sanyal.
11/28/2018 Service Notice
11/28/2018 Entry ordering that the caption of the October 24, 2018 Finding and Order be corrected nunc pro tunc.
10/25/2018 Case Action Form closing cases with an effective date of 10/25/2018 electronically filed by Mr. Paul C DaSilva on behalf of PUCO Staff.
10/24/2018 Service Notice
10/24/2018 Finding & Order granting the request of AEP Ohio and GMEC to reallocate their territory boundaries; that the change on quadrangle map N-25, described in the joint petition, be approved to show the boundary line change.
09/25/2018 In the matter of the petition for reallocation of electric service territory electronically filed by Mr. Steven T Nourse on behalf of Ohio Power Company and Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative, Inc.