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CASE DESCRIPTION: Defiance County Consolidation Project- Closures and Roadway Modification
DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
11/09/2016 Service Notice
11/09/2016 Finding and Ordered, that the Agreement be approved in accordance with this Finding and Order. It is, further, ordered that CSX will undertake the work in the Agreement under the terms of the Agreement and Master Agreement. It is, further, ordered, that CSX notify the Commission 30 days before the projected date of completion. It is, further, ordered, that, at the time Staff makes it final inspection and finds that the grade crossings are closed and the roadways have been completed, Staff file a memorandum in this docket indicating that the grade crossings have been closed and the roadways have been completed.
11/04/2016 To add supplemental information in the matter of authorization for the Defiance County consolidation project - closures and roadway modifications filed by Randall Schumacher, Supervisor, PUCO Rail Division.
07/22/2016 In the Matter of the Application for Defiance County Consolidation Project on the CSX Transportation System electronically filed by Mrs. Jill A Henry on behalf of PUCO/Rail Division.