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Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: RDR-Application to establish tariff riders that do not have another specific code.
Date Opened: 6/21/2016
Date Closed:
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Date FiledSummaryPages
01/31/2020Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel electronically filed by Mrs. Tammy M Meyer on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. and D'Ascenzo, Rocco and Vaysman, Larisa.7
09/26/2018Opinion and Ordered, That the Stipulation filed in this proceeding be approved and adopted. It is, further, ordered, That Duke take all necessary steps to carry out the terms of the Stipulation and this Opinion and Order. It is, further. That nothing in this Opinion and Order shall be binding upon this Commission in any subsequent investigation or proceeding involving the justness or reasonableness of any rate, charge, rule, or regulation.11
09/26/2018Service Notice2
08/17/2018PUCO Exhibit Filing: Joint Ex-1, Staff Ex-1 and Commission ordered Ex-1 filed by Armstrong & Okey, Inc. on behalf of PUCO Staff.66
08/16/2018Transcript for hearing held on August 7th, 2018 at the PUCO, 180 East Broad Street, Room 11-D, Columbus, Ohio electronically filed by Mr. Ken Spencer on behalf of Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and Spencer, Michael O. Mr.11
08/06/2018Testimony of Doris McCarter electronically filed by Ms. Tonnetta Scott on behalf of PUC.7
08/02/2018Service Notice2
08/02/2018Attorney Examiner Entry scheduling hearing for 08/07/2018 in accordance with Paragraph 6 - electronically filed by Sandra Coffey on behalf of Stacie Cathcart, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.3
08/01/2018Stipulation and Recommendation electronically filed by Ms. Elizabeth H Watts on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.7
01/31/2018Notice of withdrawal of Amy B. Spiller as counsel for Duke Energy Ohio electronically filed by Mrs. Debbie L. Gates on behalf of Duke Energy Ohio Inc. and Rocco O. D'Ascenzo and Ms. Elizabeth H. Watts.5
12/09/2016Compliance Audit Report of the 4/1/2012 to 6/30/2016 Distribution Capital Investment Rider of Duke Energy Ohio filed by Rehmann Consulting.51
11/29/2016Service Notice1
11/28/2016Attorney Examiner Entry granting Staff's motion for an extension of time; electronically filed by Vesta R Miller on behalf of Nicholas Walstra, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.3
11/28/2016Motion For the Extension of the Deadline for Filing the Audit Report submitted on behalf of the staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. electronically filed by Ms. Tonnetta Scott on behalf of PUC.5
08/17/2016Service Notice1
08/17/2016Entry ordered that Rehmarm Consulting be selected to perform the consulting activities set forth above ordered that Duke and Rehmann Consulting shall observe the requirements set forth herein.4
07/13/2016Service Notice1
07/13/2016Entry Ordering that Staff issue the RFP attached to this Entry and that August 3, 2016 be set as the due date for proposals in response to the RFP and that in accordance with paragraph 7, Duke bear the cost of the audit services of the contractor chosen by the Commission and that Duke and contractor shall observe the requirements set forth herein.18
06/21/2016In the Matter of the Review of the Delivery Capital Investment Rider Contained in the Tariffs of Duke Energy Ohio.1