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Case Title: L5E LLC
Industry Code: GA-GAS
Purpose Code: AGG-Certification Application for Aggregators
Date Opened: 1/22/2014
Date Closed:
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Date FiledSummaryPages
01/18/2022Certificate No. 14-344G issued.2
12/16/2021Confidential Document Target: Exhibits C-2, C-3, and C-5 electronically filed by Caitlin Connolly on behalf of L5E, LLC (17 pages)1
12/16/2021In the Matter of the Application of L5E LLC.19
11/05/2020Notice of material change In the Matter of the Application of L5E LLC.5
03/04/2020Renewal Certificate No. 14-344G (4) issued.3
01/24/2020Renewal application for certification containing Exhibits C-8 through C-10 inadvertently omitted from original filing made 1/22/2020 filed by P. Hummel on behalf of L5E, LLC.28
01/24/2020Confidential document target: Exhibit C-3, C-5 & C-7 filed by Patti Hummel on behalf of L5E, LLC. (20 pages)1
01/22/2020Renewal application for certification as a Retail Natural Gas Aggregator filed by P. Hummel on behalf of L5E LLC.27
01/22/2020Confidential Document Target: Exhibit C-3 filed by P. Hummel on behalf of L5E LLC. (17 pages)1
02/27/2018Certificate 14-344G(3) issued. 3
01/23/2018Exhibit C-10.2
01/22/2018Renewal Application of L5E, LLC for Certification as a Competitive Retail Natural Gas Broker/Aggregator.64
05/16/2016Amended Renewal Application correcting exhibits A-9, A-10, A-14 and A-15 filed on behalf of L5E, LLC by J. Moore.5
02/23/2016Renewal Certificate #14-344G(2) issued.3
02/17/2016Corrected exhibit C-5 filed by P. Hummel on behalf of L5E, LLC.2
02/12/2016Confidential Document Target - Corrected Exhibit C-5 filed by G. Hummel on behalf of L5E, LLC. (1 page)1
01/22/2016Corrected Exhibit A-7 and A-8 for the renewal of our Competitive Retail Natural Gas Broker/Aggregator license filed by P.Hummel on behalf of L5E, LLC. 2
01/21/2016Renewal certificate application competitive retail natural gas brokers/aggregators filed by L5E, LLC on behalf of J. Coleman. 32
01/21/2016Confidential Target: Exhibit C-3 & C-5 filed by Josh Coleman on behalf of L5E, LLC. (14 pages)1
07/03/2014Service Notice1
07/03/2014Attorney Examiner Entry granting protective order - electronically filed by Sandra Coffey on behalf of Daniel Fullin, Attorney Examiner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.4
02/21/2014Certificate 14-344G(1) issued. 3
01/22/2014Motion for protective order and memorandum in support filed by M. Anthony on behalf of L5E, LLC.4
01/22/2014Confidential document target for Exhibits C-3, C-4, and C-5 filed on behalf of L5E, LLC by M. Anthony. (12 pgs)1
01/22/2014In the matter of the application of L5E, LLC for certification as a competitive retail natural gas broker/aggregator.41