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01/03/2008 Memo closing cases with an effective date of 1/3/08.
05/05/2006 Report of Ohio Power Company as to the issue and sale of $65,000,000 solid waste disposal facilities revenue bonds, filed by S. Haynes.
02/01/2006 Service Notice
02/01/2006 Finding and Order, Ordered; that applicant, Ohio Power Company is authorized to enter into Loan Agreements, through December 31, 2006, with the West Virginia Ohio Air Quality Development Authority; that the net proceed from the Loan Agreements shall be used by applicant as set forth in this order and otherwise pursuant to the provisions of Section 4905.40, Revised Code; that after the Securities authorized by this order are issued, applicant shall report to the Commission as soon as practicable the terms and full particulars regarding the Securities; that applicant shall account for the Securities as prescribed in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Uniform System of Accounts as currently in effect; that the authorization granted herein shall be in compliance with the applicant's transition plan as approved by the Commission in Case No. 99-1730-EL-ETP.
01/26/2006 Supplemental application and statement, filed on behalf of Ohio Power Company by S. Haynes.
11/03/2005 In the matter of the application of Ohio Power Company for authority to finance portions of environmental and pollution control facilities, to enter into installment agreements of sale with West Virginia Economic Development Authority and to enter into interest rate management agreements.