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DATE OF SERVICE: ________________________________________
10/10/2007 Service Notice
10/10/2007 Entry ordering that this case be dismissed and closed of record.
08/17/2005 Letter urging an investigation on the American Electric Power filed by E. Jensen
05/09/2005 Correspondence relative to power outages, filed by J. Chrystal.
04/20/2005 Letter filed by concerned consumer regarding identify theft on AEP website, filed by A. Hedges.
04/01/2005 Correspondence concerning frequent power outages filed by K. Guth.
03/29/2005 Correspondence regarding the failure of American Electric Power Company to provide the necessary repairs in a timely manner during the ice storm in December 2004 filed by G. Carter.
03/28/2005 Correspondence regarding customer's experience with AEP service filed by Mrs. W. Levering
03/23/2005 Correspondence stating that AEP left a mess when they cut down their trees, and that they didn't get any answers from them during the recent power outage, also AEP should be held accountable for the treatment of them filed by John & Marianne Steele.
03/22/2005 Correspondence stating that AEP's maintenance practices need to be seriously evaluated regarding how they handled a crisis filed by L. Smith.
03/18/2005 Correspondence regarding the recent power outages filed on behalf of consumer, L. Rupert.
03/17/2005 Correspondence letter regarding power outage filed by D. McAdams, McAdams Greenhouse, Inc.
03/17/2005 Correspondence letter regarding AEP's electricity service filed by A. Emory-Maier.
03/16/2005 Correspondence about the Christmas power outage and lack of information given to the public filed by J. Baker.
03/16/2005 Correspondence stating that American Electric Power Company has not resolved the reoccurring electrical problems in her home filed by D. Miller
03/14/2005 Correspondence stating concerns over the failure to provide the needed and timely repairs during the ice storm in December, 2004 filed by Robert & Gloria Patterson.
03/14/2005 Correspondence stating that an investigation is warranted filed by D. Cook
02/07/2005 Reply to American Electric Power's memorandum contra motion for a Commission investigation, management audit and hearings filed by J. Small on behalf of Office of Ohio Consumers' Counsel.
01/28/2005 Memorandum contra Ohio Consumer Counsel's motion for investigation, management audit, and hearings filed by M. Resnik on behalf of Columbus Southern Power Company and Ohio Power Company.
01/14/2005 Revision to the case caption filed by R. Gooden, PUCO staff.
01/12/2005 In the matter of the request for a Commission Investigation into the polices and practices of the Electric Distribution Utilities of American Electric Power Regarding the December 2004 and January 2005 power outages.