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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 4/3/1998
Date Closed: 12/21/1999
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Date FiledSummaryPages
12/21/1999Entry dismissing this complaint and closing the case of record. (2 pgs.)2
12/06/1999Request to withdraw the petition without prejudice, filed on behalf of complainant by J. Asturi. (1 pg.)1
12/06/1999Entry ordering that the hearing originally scheduled to occur on December 9, 1999, is postponed for an indefinite period of time, pending the Commission's ruling on the complainants' dismissal request; that the spokesperson for the complainants shall post, at the time and place which had been reserved for the December 9, 1999 hearing, a con- spicuous public notice indicating that the hearing has been post-poned, along with the reason for the postponement. (AE) (2 pgs.)2
12/02/1999Testimony of Jacqueline M. Young filed on behalf of respon- dent, Ameritech Ohio, by C. Rawlings. (62 pgs.)62
11/01/1999Legal Notice faxed to: Times Leader (Belmont Co.); Monroe Co. Beacon (Monroe Co.).5
10/29/1999Entry scheduling a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on Demceber 9, 1999, at the Powhatan Point City Building, Powhatan Point, Ohio; that any party intending to present direct ex- pert testimony file such by December 2, 1999. (AE) (4 pgs.)4
07/26/1999Amendment filed on behalf of complainant by J. Asturi. (1 pg.)1
11/16/1998Information response of Ameritech filed by C. Rawlings (10 pgs)10
11/16/1998Testimony of Karen Higgs filed on behalf of Western Reserve Telephone by T. Lodge. (7 pgs)7
10/26/1998Entry ordering that the prehearing conference be rescheduled to occur at 9:00 a.m. on November 17, 1998, at the Commis- sion offices. (AE) (2 pgs.)2
10/16/1998Answer and information response filed on behalf of respon- dent, Western Reserve, by T. Lodge. (9 pgs.)9
10/16/1998Information response filed on behalf of respondent, Ameri- tech Ohio, by C. Rawlings. (76 pgs.)76
10/16/1998Answer filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by C. Rawlings. (3 pgs.)3
10/14/1998Affidavit of Kim Logue filed on behalf of LCI International Telecom Corp. by K. Logue. (2 pgs.)2
09/17/1998Affidavit of Elizabeth Finnerty filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio by J. Troup. (11 pgs.)11
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Fullin, Daniel