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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: UNC-Unclassified
Date Opened: 11/12/1996
Date Closed: 4/10/1997
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07/01/1997Final tariff, PUCO No. 1, original title page; original pages 1 thru 20; Price List, filed on behalf of applicant by G. Cooper. (23 pgs.)23
06/26/1997Finding & Order approving the application; that Germantown should file, as a new AEC case, the appropriate Telecommuni- cations Services and Facilities Agreements (Primary to Primary) upon their execution; these agreements will become effective upon their filing or July 1, 1997, whichever is later. (6 pgs.)6
06/12/1997Third amendment to application filed on behalf of applicant by G. Cooper. (24 pgs.)24
05/14/1997Additional information concerning their rendition of inter- exchange service filed on behalf of applicant by T. Lodge. (3 pgs.)3
04/30/1997Second amendment to application, notice of election and request for competitive treatment filed on behalf of appli- cant by T. Lodge. (28 pgs.)28
04/10/1997Finding & Order approving the joint application and order- ing that the request for waivers be denied; that Germantown and Germantown Long Distance work with staff to make the appropriate filings as referenced in Finding 6. (6 pgs.)6
03/05/1997Submission of supplemental information filed on behalf of applicants by T. Lodge. (7 pgs.)7
02/14/1997Amendment to application and submission of supplemental information filed by T. Lodge. (24 pgs.)24
11/12/1996In the matter of the application of Germantown Long Dis- tance Company and Germantown Independent Telephone Company for certification, for waiver of 563 guidelines, and for approval of operating and maintenance agreement. (58 pgs.)58
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Farkas, Scott