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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ARB-Petition for arbitration
Date Opened: 8/27/1996
Date Closed: 5/22/1997
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01/29/2003Arbitration Panel Report filed on behalf of MCI Telecommunications Corp.90
12/14/1999Motion to renew protective order and memorandum in support filed on behalf of Ameritech Ohio by M. Mulcahy. (7 pgs.)7
07/15/1999Supreme Court Transmittal Papers. (15 pgs.) (Federal Court No. C2 97-721)15
07/29/1998Entry ordering that the motions of Ameritech to renew the protective orders priviously granted in this case is granted; that the Docketing Division of the Commission shall maintain under seal the information currently under seal for 18 months from the date of this entry, except as specifically delineated in Finding 6. (AE) (3 pgs.)3
07/06/1998Ameritech Ohio's supplemental memorandum in support of its motion for renewed protective order filed by D. Conway. (20 pgs.)20
05/29/1998Ameritech Ohio's Renewed Motion ofr Protective Order. Submitted by: D. Conway. (6 pgs.)6
06/19/1997Order that the Docketing Division of the Commission main- tain, under seal, the unredacted copy of Ameritech's and AT&T's prefiled testimony, the unredacted copy of Ameri- tech's post hearing brief, and the unredacted copy of the transcript of record for 18 months from the date of this Order; that the Commission's arbitration awards in this case be amended to include the new second prong of the resale discount, 21.45 percent, as set forth herein. (14 pgs.)14
05/28/1997Redacted transcript for hearing held on 2/25/97, (MF), 190 pgs., cont. filed by D. Conway.190
05/22/1997Entry approving the executed interconnection agreement and closing this case of record. (2 pgs.)2
04/15/1997Replacement page to the signed MCI Telecommunications Corp- oration/Ameritech Ohio interconnection agreement, filed by D. Conway. (2 pgs.)2
04/04/1997Memorandum contra MCI Telecommunications Corp.'s motion to strike, filed on behalf of Ameritech Ohio by D. Conway.5
04/02/1997Final signed interconnection agreement filed on behalf of MCI Telecommunications Corp. by J. Sanders and D. Townsley; and Ameritech Ohio by D.Conway and M. Stemm. (228 pgs.)228
03/20/1997Motion to strike and memorandum in support of MCI Tele- communications Corporation filed by B. Royer. (9 pgs.)9
03/20/1997Redacted version of Ameritech Ohio's post rehearing brief filed by D. Conway. (37 pgs.)37
03/13/1997Confidential portion of Ameritech Ohio's post-rehearing brief filed by M. Stemm. (37 pgs.) (FILED UNDER SEAL)37
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Petrucci, Gretchen