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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ACE-Application for a certificate
Date Opened: 4/5/1996
Date Closed: 3/3/1997
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09/17/1997Memorandum of AT&T Communications of Ohio, INc. regarding Brooks Fiber Communications of Ohio, Inc.'s motion for clarification filed by B. Kahn. (8 pgs.)8
07/25/1997Revised Fresh Look Notice filed on behalf of applicant by P. Venema. (2 pgs.)2
07/22/1997Motion for extension of time filed on behalf of ICG Telecom Group, Inc. by B. Ferris. (6 pgs.)6
07/17/1997Finding & Order that the comments set forth in Finding 4 are accepted as timely filed; that the Commission's fresh look policies are further clarified in accordance with Finding 6; that Nextlink, ICG, Time Warner, Brooks Fiber, and any other operational new entrant providers as defined herein, file notice within five calendar days as set forth in Finding 6. (30 pgs.)30
07/16/1997Change of address filed by M. Schermer. (1 pg.)1
07/14/1997Comments filed on behalf of Voice-Tel by S. Dowd. (2 pgs.)2
07/01/1997Comments concerning Fresh Look implementation filed on behalf of City of Columbus by G. Dunn. (7 pgs.)7
06/30/1997Letter requesting that the Commission adapt Fresh Look Provisions to coincide with Number Portability in Ohio, filed on behalf of Eastland Telecommunications Consulting by S. Longenecker. (1 pg.)1
06/02/1997Additional information filed on behalf of applicant by N. Hawthorne. (3 pgs.)3
05/29/1997Reply filed on behalf of Brooks Fiber Communications of Ohio by T. Stein. (7 pgs.)7
05/29/1997Reply comments filed on behalf of MCI Telecommunications Corp. by J. Sanders. (11 pg.)11
05/28/1997Reply comments of AT&T Communications of Ohio, Inc. regard- ing implementation of Fresh Look filed by B. Kahn. (11 pgs)11
05/28/1997"Fresh Look" reply by Telecommunications Resellers Associa- tion filed by S. Bloomfield. (5 pgs.)5
05/28/1997Time Warner Communications of Ohio, L.P.'s reply comments filed by R. Rosenberry, M. Schermer. (10 pgs.)10
05/28/1997Reply comments of NextLink Ohio, L.L.C. filed by D. Clayton. (13 pgs.)13
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Fullin, Daniel