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Industry Code: WS-WATER & SEWER
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 7/21/1994
Date Closed: 6/22/1995
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01/03/1997BlackLick District economic survey result analysis & recommendation November 15, 1996 filed by The Consumer Advisory Panel. (7 pgs.)7
11/16/1995Correspondence letter opposing the application, filed by Mrs. L. Hall. (2 pgs.)2
07/06/1995Customer notifications filed on behalf of applicant by R. Giovanetti. (3 pgs.)0
06/26/1995Sewer tariff, PUCO No. 1, filed on behalf of applicant. (34 pgs.)0
06/26/1995Water tariff, PUCO No. 1, filed on behalf of applicant. (50 pgs.)0
06/22/1995Entry ordering that the joint stipulation and recommend- ation be approved and that the application for authority to increase its rates and charges for water and wastewater collection service is granted to the extent provided in this opinion and order, and the proposed revised tariffs and customer notices are approved and the company is authorized to cancel and withdraw its present tariffs. (19 pgs.)0
06/12/1995Transcript filed for hearing held 5/22/95, (RM), 33 pgs. (Brimfield, Ohio)0
06/09/1995Transcript filed for hearing held 5/24/95, (RHF), 11 pgs. Con't.0
06/07/1995Rate case exhibits, proofs of publication, filed on behalf of applicant by R. Giovanetti. (Portage, Franklin Counties) (6 pgs.)0
06/06/1995Transcript filed for hearing held 5/16/95, (JBB), 36 pgs. (Westerville, Ohio)0
06/05/1995Joint stipulation and recommendation filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by J. Jackson-Forbes and applicant by R. Giovanetti. (117 pgs.)0
05/09/1995Transcript filed for hearing held 5/8/95, (RM), 8 pgs., Con't.0
04/26/1995Entry scheduling the following dates and times for the local public hearings: (AE) (3 pgs.) Westerville - 5/16/95 at 7:00 p.m., Blendon Grange Hall No. 708. Columbus - 5/24/95 at 6:00 p.m. (PUCO) Brimfield - 5/22/95 at 6:30 p.m. (Brimfield Township Hall)0
04/18/1995Certificate of service for testimony of Roger W. Bechtel which was inadvertently omitted from the copy filed on 4/14/95, filed on behalf of OCC by Y. Ranft. (2 pgs.)0
04/14/1995Direct testimony of Roger W. Bechtel filed on behalf of OCC (16 pgs)0
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