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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ATC-Application to transfer a certificate
Date Opened: 6/8/1994
Date Closed: 2/26/1998
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Date FiledSummaryPages
02/26/1998Entry dismissing this case and closing it of record. (1 pg.)1
12/22/1994Opinion & order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days. (5 pgs.)0
11/10/1994Letter requesting that the temporary authority be extended for an additional 180 days, filed on behalf of applicant by J. Alden. (1 pg.)0
10/20/1994Proof of Publication filed by D. Persinger. (2 pgs.)0
07/07/1994Temporary Certificate No. 295-I et al issued.0
06/20/1994Publication letter sent to; Alden0
06/14/1994Filing accepted0
06/10/1994Entry granting temporary authority for 180 days. (AE)0
06/08/1994Application for temporary authority filed by J. Alden.0
06/08/1994Application of Wintz Freightways, Inc. dba Wintz Freight- ways to transfer Certificate Nos. 295-I, 468-I, 776-I, 939-I, 1004-I, 1019-I, 1274-I, 1507-I, 1524-I, 1730-I, 1765-I, 2164-I, 2214-I, 3233-I, 3731-I, 3785-I, 4394-I, 4448-I, 4861-I, 4882-I, 4908-I, 5457-I, 5500-I, 5672-I, 9853-I, 9966-I, 10279-I, 10351-I, 10376-I, 10413-I, 10438-I, 10564-I, 10645-I, 10692-I, 10753-I, 10758-I, 10786-I, 11137-I, 11456-I, 11496-I, 11550-I, 11568-I, 11599-I, 11600-I, 11657-I, 11700-I, 52174-I, 55391-I, 11595-I, 55807-I, 56224-I, 56841-I, 58911-I, 60323-I, 61088-I, 63583-I, 64147-I, 65090-I, 306-R, 414-R, 418-R, 420-R, 564-R, 643-R, 990-R, 1074-R, 1452-R, 1519-R, 2020-R, 2221-R, 3460-R, 3478-R, 3570-R, 3592-R, 3702-R, 3754-R, 3804-R, 3805-R, 3806-R, 3857-R, 3907-R, 3974-R, 4023-R, 4060-R, 4066-R, 4067-R, 4106-R, 4291-R, 4475-R, 4519-R, 4590-R, 5354-R, 5417-R, 6051-R, 6069-R, 6082-R, 6118-R, 6129-R, 6140-R, 6141-R, 6529-R, 6748-R, 6062-R, 7072-R, 7451-R, 8049-R, 8265-R, 8401-R, 8402-R, 8403-R, 8404-R, 8451-R, 8631-R, 8648-R, 8664-R, 8693-R, 8699-R, 8723-R, 8729-R, 8860-R, 9034-R, 9078-R, 9114-R, 9430-R, 9616-R, 10026-R, 10102-R, 10730-R, 10731-R, 10759-R, 10760-R, and 11261-R from O. K. Freightways, Inc. dba Century-OK Freightways.0
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