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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: PEX-Petition for extended area service
Date Opened: 2/16/1994
Date Closed: 10/27/1994
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Date FiledSummaryPages
10/11/1995Revised tariff, PUCO No. 6, Check List, 339th sheet 1; Section 2.3, 37th sheet 4, 16th sheet 5, filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Kennedy. (4 pgs.)4
10/10/1995Tariff, PUCO No. 20, Part 4, Section 1, 1st sheet 8; Section 2, original sheet 15.1, filed on behalf of Aeritech Ohio by D. McKenzie. (3 pgs.)3
01/10/1995Information response filed on behalf of Ameriteth Ohio by J. Kelly. (2 pgs.)0
01/09/1995Letter stating that the in-service date for the institution of two-way measured-rate EAS between GTE's Lewisburg and Englewood exchanges, and between GTE's Lewisburg exchange and Ameritech's Dayton exchange is October 12, 1995, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Kennedy. (1 pg.)0
12/15/1994Entry denying the application for rehearing filed by the IXCs. (4 pgs.)0
12/05/1994Memorandum contra application for rehearing, filed on behalf of respondent, Ameritech Ohio, by J. Kelly. (5 pgs.)0
12/05/1994Memorandum contra to application for rehearing, filed on behalf of respondent, GTE North, by J. Stewart. (4 pgs.)0
11/25/1994Application for rehearing filed on behalf of AT&T Communi- cations by R. Charleston; LDDS Communications and MCI Telecommunication by J. Sanders; and LCI International Telecom by H. Liebman. (9 pgs.)0
11/15/1994Letter withdrawing as a party of record to this case, and stating that the law firm of Bell, Royer & Sanders Co. LPA no longer represents Allnet, filed on behalf of Allnet Communication Services by J. Sanders. (1 pg.)0
10/27/1994Finding & Order that, in accordance with Finding 11, the joint application seeking permission to establish two-way, measured-rate EAS from the Lewisburg Exchange to the Englewood and Dayton Exchanges if approved in its entirety. (9 pgs.)0
09/30/1994Reply to the response of Allnet Communication Services, MCI Telecommunications Corp., LCCS Communication, LCI International, and AT&T Communications of Ohio filed on behalf of GTE North by J. Stewart. (5 pgs.)0
09/22/1994Reply to response fo Allnet Communication Services, MCI Telecommunications, LDDS Communication, LCI International Telecom, and AT&T Communications, filed on behalf of Ameritech Ohio by C. Rawlings. (4 pgs.)0
09/15/1994Response filed on behalf of respondents, Allnet Communica- tion Services, LDDS Communications, and MCI Telecommunica- tions by J. Sanders; AT&T Communications of Ohio by R. Charleston; and LCI International Telecom by H. Liebman. (6 pgs.)0
08/24/1994Entry ordering that the IXCs' motions to intervene be granted in accordance with the above findings; that, in accordance with Finding 22, the IXCs file, by 9/15/94, a clarification of their pleadings indicating whether they only wish to bring the issues to the attention of the Commission or identifying those issues to be briefed and those issues for which they request a hearing; that Ohio Bell, GTE, and counsel for the Association may file replies to the IXCs clarification by 9/22/94. (AE) (5 pgs.)0
04/04/1994Reply of Allnet Communication Services, Inc., MCI Telecommunicatons Corporation, LCI International Telecom Corp., and AT&T Communications of Ohio, Inc. filed by J. Sanders.0
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Jones, Jeffrey