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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: EL-ELECTRIC
Purpose Code: EFC-Electric fuel component
Date Opened: 1/19/1994
Date Closed: 12/22/1994
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Date FiledSummaryPages
02/07/1995Withdrawal and substitution of counsel filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by J. Jackson-Forbes. (2 pgs.)0
12/22/1994Opinion & Order that Ohio Edison use an EFC rate of 1.3120c/kWh for jurisdictional customer bills rendered in the next six-month period beginning January 1, 1995; that Ohio Edison file its EFC tariff rider incorporating such EFC rate no later than December 30, 1994, to become effective on January 1, 1995 and remain in effect until otherwise ordered by the Commission; that the stipulation and recommendation submitted by the parties be adopted. (19 pgs.)0
11/04/1994Transcript filed for hearing held 10/18/94, (RG), 18 pgs., Con't.0
10/31/1994Proof of Publication filed. (Huron County) (2 pgs.)0
10/18/1994Stipulation and recommendation filed on behalf of Ohio Edison by L. Vespoli; PUCO staff by W. Wright; and OCC by E. Robinson-McGriff. (16 pgs.)0
09/30/1994Testimony of the following persons filed on behalf of applicant by L. Vespoli: (109 pgs.) 1. Daniel V. Steen 2. Edward C. Stein 3. Bradley D. Eberts 4. Robert N. Stoller 5. John R. Woodside 6. Michael S. Hyrnick0
09/28/1994Notice to take deposition upon oral examination to Leila L. Vespoli, filed on behalf of OCC by E. Robinson-McGriff. (3 pgs.)0
09/21/1994Page 2-49 which was inadvertently omitted from the final report of management/performance audit submitted by Energy Ventures Analysis.2
09/21/1994Page 2-49 which was inadvertently omitted from the final report of the management/performace audit submitted by Energy Ventures Analysis. (2 pgs.)0
09/19/1994Management/performance audit for Ohio Edison Company submitted by Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. (81 pgs.)0
09/16/1994Report on financial audit of the electric fuel component for Ohio Edison Company, submitted by Deloitte & Touche LLP. (47 pgs.)0
09/16/1994Exhibit 5, Volume I, 30 day filing information; Exhibit 6, Volume II, ER forms January through June, 1994; and Exhibit 7, Ohio Coal Research & Development Projects, filed on behalf of applicant by B. Eberts. (869 pgs.)0
09/14/1994Management /Performance audit for the fuel related policies and practices of The Ohio Edison Company filed by Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc.82
08/26/1994Annual summary report of fuel procurement practices and operating procedures - July 1993 through June 1994, Exhibit No. 4, filed on behalf of applicant by B. Eberts, P.E. (71 pgs.)0
07/21/1994Entry ordering that the company's motion to postpone the review and determination of the Mad River contract issue is granted; that Ohio Edison take such actions as may become necessary for the continuation of the Mad River project, as set forth in Finding 3.0
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Attorney General:
Van Niel,Jeffrey
Attorney Examiner:
Bulgrin, Richard