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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: TP-TELEPHONE
Purpose Code: ALT-Application for alternative regulation
Date Opened: 3/12/1993
Date Closed: 5/5/1994
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Date FiledSummaryPages
11/12/1997Letter to update service list filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio, Inc. by J. Troup. (1 pg.)1
10/30/1997Update to service list filed on behalf of AT&T Communica- tions of Ohio by J. Troup. (1 pg.)1
10/09/1997Entry ordering that issues related to CBT's 1996 earnings monitoring report in Case No. 93-432-TP-ALT should be pur- sued through objections and testimony in Case No. 96-899- TP-ALT; that the motions to intervene filed by GCHC and Sprint are granted; that the joint MCI/TCG motion to bifur- cate the Alt Reg and TELRIC portions of the hearing in Case No. 96-899-TP-ALT is granted to the extent identified in Finding 6. (AE) (3 pgs.)3
09/23/1997Tariff, Access Service Tariff, PUCO No. 2, original pages 20.4, 20.5, and 20.6; General Exchange Tariff, PUCO No. 8, Section 2, 2nd page 29, 2nd page 32, filed on behalf of applicant by T. McCloud. (7 pgs.)7
05/19/1997Response filed on behalf of applicant by C. Wilson. (11 pgs.)11
05/12/1997Response to the Staff's comments and recommendations filed on behalf of OCC by T. O'Brien. (13 pgs.)13
05/01/1997Entry ordering that the rates, terms, and conditions of CBT's current alternative regulation plan shall remain in effect until a new alternative regulation plan is approved following Commission review of the pending alternative regu- lation in Case No. 96-899-TP-ALT, or until otherwise ordered by the Commission; that the motions to intervene submitted by OCTA and TCG are granted. (2 pgs.)2
04/28/1997Staff's comments and recommendations filed by A. Hammer- stein. (8 pgs.)8
03/28/1997Annual Progress Reports for 1996 filed on behalf of appli- cant by D. Marshall. (26 pgs.)26
11/26/1996Letter updating service list filed on behalf of AT&T Communications of Ohio, Inc. by J. Troup. (4 pgs.)4
10/24/1996Entry denying the application for rehearing filed by OCC. (4 pgs.)4
10/15/1996Reply to application for rehearing of OCC, filed on behalf of applicant by C. Wilson. (6 pgs.)6
10/04/1996Application for rehearing and memorandum in support filed on behalf of OCC by D. Bergmann. (6 pgs.)6
09/16/1996Pole and anchor attachment and conduit occupancy accommodat- ions PUCO No. 1, 4th revised page 40 filed on behalf of applicant by T. McCloud. (2 pgs.)2
09/05/1996Entry closing case 96-707-TP-UNC, and that CBT file a notice of intent to file a retail pricing plan, the test period shall begin January 1, 1995, and end Dec. 31, 1995, and the date certain shall be Dec. 31, 1995, that the request for waivers made by the applicant are granted as set forth in Finding (6); that the application filed by CBT in Case No. 96-708-TP-UNC is denied and Case No. 96-708-TP-UNC is closed of record, that the motion to dismiss Case No. 96-708-TP-UNC is moot.14
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