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Status: AR-Archived
Purpose Code: ATP-Application to Transfer Permit
Date Opened: 4/10/1992
Date Closed: 1/14/1993
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01/25/1993Corrected Transferred and Merged Permit No. 5096 issued.0
01/22/1993Transferred and Merged Permit No. 5096 issued.0
01/22/1993Letter requesting that the following shippers be cancelled from permit, filed on behalf of applicant by K. Cooper: 1. Ball Corporation 2. General Mills, Inc.0
01/14/1993Entry ordering that the authority contained in Permit No. 50421 be merged into Permit No. 5096 and, thereupon that Permit No. 50421 be cancelled.0
12/16/1992Petition of Dan's Transit, Inc. and Long Leasing, Inc. requesting the PUCO issue Certificates 74203-I, 11543-I, 11611-I and Permit No. 50421 and for dismissal of Case No. 92-653-TR-ATC as it relates to the transfer of Certificates 71417-I, 69537-I, 66917-I, 432-I, 11486-I, and 60157-I, filed by K. Cooper.0
09/24/1992Entry holding the issuance of authority in abeyance until subsequent entries are issued and granting request to waive the transferor's requirement of filing evidence of insurance.0
09/08/1992Letter requesting an extension of time until September 30, 1992 for the approval of the petition of Pruitt Moving & Storage Requesting Waiver of the Insurance Requirements and purchase of a tax decal by Long Leasing, Inc. filed by P. Beery.0
08/31/1992Letter requesting that the Commission hold in abeyance the issuance of certificates and permit pending a resolution of dispute, filed by K. Cooper.0
08/25/1992Affidavit of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and transporta- tion rate agreement between Dan's Transit and Cooper Tire & Rubber, filed by P. Beery.0
08/25/1992Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.0
08/20/1992Proof of Publication filed by P. Beery.0
08/06/1992Entry ordering that the July 9, 1992 Orders be amended to reflect Dan's Transit, Inc. as the transferee.0
07/16/1992Letter requesting that the Opinion & Order be amended, filed by P. Beery.0
07/09/1992Opinion & Order granting application upon filing of compliances in 60 days.0
06/29/1992Transferor's verified statement; Pruitt Moving & Storage Company/Earl F. Pruitt, president, filed by P. Beery.0
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