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Status: AR-Archived
Industry Code: WW-WATER WORKS
Purpose Code: AIR-Application to increase rates
Date Opened: 7/17/1991
Date Closed: 6/4/1992
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09/26/1996Entry granting Ohio-American's motion for an extension of time to complete construction of the Lawrence County water storage tank. (2 pgs.)2
09/03/1996Motion for an extension of time to complete construction of Ohio-American's Lawrence County storage tank and memorandum in support filed on behalf of applicant by S. Bloomfield. (6 pgs.)6
01/04/1993Letter stating that the booster station is now complete, but Ohio-American Water Co. is having difficulties in finding a suitable location for the depressurization valve, filed by S. Bloomfield.0
07/24/1992Proof of Publication filed. (Marion County)0
07/24/1992Comparative income statement for the twelve months versus three months actual and nine months budgeted ended April 30, 1992, filed on behalf of applicant by S. Bloomfield.0
07/07/1992Revised tariffs, PUCO No. 14, 1nd sheet vi; 3rd sheet vii; 2nd sheet viii; 3rd sheet ix; 3rd sheet x; 3rd sheet xi; 2nd sheet xii, filed on behalf of applicant by S. Givens.0
06/29/1992Rate information required on Schedule E-4.3 filed on behalf of applicant by S. Bloomfield.0
06/16/1992Proofs of publication filed on behalf of applicant by C. Edwards. (Ashtabula, Lawrence, Marion, Preble, and Seneca Counties)0
06/11/1992Transcript filed for hearing held 5/27/92, (JBB), 37 pgs., Con'. (Public Statements - Marion, Ohio)0
06/04/1992Opinion & Order granting the rate increase to the extent provided in this order and adopting the stipulation and recommendation.0
06/04/1992Final tariffs, PUCO No. 14, 2nd sheet i, 10th sheet 1, 17th sheet 1A, 8th sheet 2, 4th sheet 5, 3rd sheet 6, 6th sheet 7, 3rd sheet 12, 2nd sheet 14, 2nd sheet 20, 2nd sheet 24, 2nd sheet 27, 5th sheet 32, 4th sheet 33, 2nd sheet 34, 3rd sheet 35, 4th sheet 36, 2nd sheet 37, 2nd sheet 39, 2nd sheet 42, 3rd sheet 44, 2nd sheet 45, 2nd sheet 49, 3rd sheet 53, filed on behalf of applicant by C. Edwards.0
06/01/1992Transcript filed for hearing held 5/12/92, (WB), 11 pgs., Con't.0
05/28/1992Exhibits - water samples filed.0
05/28/1992Stipulation and recommendation filed on behalf of the PUCO staff by K. Willi, Whirlpool Corporation by M. Petricoff, OCC by T. Kawalec, the City of Tiffin by R. Rosenberry, and applicant by S. Bloomfield.0
05/12/1992Entry granting Whirlpool Corp.'s motion to intervene. (AE)0
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Wright, William
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